Monday, 24 February 2020

Week 4 - On entry testing.

It's week four and wow!  I can't believe how far your little people have moved already.  I am loving their confidence, developing independence and the kindness they are showing each other during the day. The cooler weather today has really brought out the best in every child and I am looking forward to watching them grow even more during the year.

On Entry Testing
A note explaining On Entry testing was placed in your child's bag today. During weeks 4 and 5 the Preprimary teachers will be conducting the On-entry assessment program. 
The assessment is conducted in a one-on-one setting in order to gain uninterrupted information about your child's present knowledge in numeracy and literacy. It also allows us to observe  your child's oral language.    This assessment is completed by all Pre primary students in West Australian schools, both private and State. 
The main purpose of the On-entry Assessment Program is to provide teachers with information about the skills and understandings that a child brings to school. Conducting this assessment early in the year ensures that your child’s teacher has information about the current skills and understandings of each child to assist in the planning and development of targeted learning programs that address the needs of each individual and identify children who may require early intervention or extension. This approach is supported by national and international research into the early identification of students’ literacy and numeracy skills.
I will be testing TOMORROW 25th of February. Then again on Wednesday the 4th of March and Thursday the 5th of March. When I am testing a relief teacher will take the class while I take each child out for a session in the library.
Mrs Gemma Sorgiovanni will be relieving tomorrow. Gemma has taught PP here at OLC for many years and the children know her well. 
Mrs Jo Nottle will be relieving next week. (I know Jo well and she will do a great job).

Ash Wednesday
This Wednesday the children will receive ashes in the form of a cross drawn on their forehead. Ash Wednesday marks the  beginning of Lent, a season of fasting and prayer. Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday, and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too.
Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolise the dust from which God made us. Our Pre primary classes will receive the ashes in our classroom.
The children are introduced to Lent as a time of working to be more like Jesus.  Kind, understanding, helpful, respectful and friendly.  We talk about using our God given bodies and talents to do good for our friends and families. They will be encouraged to help out with chores in the home and display extra special kindness to their family and friends. 


  • Please send in a family photograph before Wednesday this week. 
  • Please have all PLD packs in on a TUESDAY morning. 
  • Please have all Library bags in on a FRIDAY morning. 
  • Pick up time is 3pm.  Children become distressed when their parents are late.

NB. I will be absent on Friday for family reasons.   Mrs Sorgiovanni will be the relief teacher for the day. 

Have a lovely week,
Julie Birch 

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Week 3

Dear Parents,

A big thank you to all who attended the Parent Information session last week.  If you were not able to attend a package of information was placed in your child's drawer.
This link will take you to the information we shared.

Family photo
Please  email in a family photo when you can. 

Name practise each morning
Each morning as you come into the classroom for gathering time please move your child toward the name writing table. Your child needs to practise writing their name each morning using the materials put out. Please help them to follow the arrows and form the letters correctly as well as holding the pencil with the correct grip.

Typical pencil grasp development for handwriting. Efficient grasps for handwriting.

We have begun focusing on the sounds of the letters. Each week we will look at 2 new letters. Last week was m and s.  This week is t and a. The children need to become very familiar with what the sound is for each letter, what it looks like and how to form it when writing. When you help your child at home with the letter sounds it is important that you yourself are pronouncing the sounds correctly. Have a look at this short video to familiarise yourself with each letter sound.

We will be looking at the numbers 1-10 this term, focusing on the correct formation and representing the numbers using objects, drawing etc.  This week we will look at the numbers 3 - 5.

Comprehension Packs (Book with question sheet)
Each student will receive a comprehension pack once a week. These will be handed out on a Wednesday and are to be bought back to the classroom by the following Tuesday. Each week books are rotated to a pre determined schedule. If more than 2 packs are not returned in a particular week the class will not get any comprehension packs for that week.
There is a trolley for the comprehension packs and a separate trolley for library bags. These are located in the classroom.

Library Books
Our class go to the library for book exchange each Friday. Please make sure your child has a school library bag so they can borrow a book.
Please bring the library bag, with the book inside, back to school ready to exchange on a Friday and place it in the trolley.

CLASS P & F Representatives. 
At this stage no one has come forward and indicated that they will take on this role.  I need two reps ASAP please. 

A few action shots from last week. 

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sharing Roster.

Dear Parents,
Please find below the Term One Sharing Roster. 
Your child will share or 'tell news' once a fortnight.  Speaking to an audience is a very important part of their oral language development and I ask that you ensure that your child comes to school prepared for their sharing day. 
Below is a list of topics for your child to speak about on their day. They only need to speak for  a few minutes and I will guide them if they are shy.
Objects are the easiest thing to share but I ask that you do not send toys for sharing unless they relate to the given topic for the week. All sharing objects need to be placed in your child's drawer at the beginning of the day and taken home at the end of the day.  Larger objects can be placed on my desk. 

Sharing Topics
Weeks 2 and 3.  All about me.  Tell us about what you like to do. Your family. Something surprising about yourself. 
Weeks  4 and 5.  My favourite story book. 
Weeks 6 and 7.  Something I made and how I made it. 
Weeks 8 and 9.  What I like to do after school. 
Week 10.  All children.  Free Choice. 

Weeks Two, Four, Six, Eight.



Weeks Three, Five, Seven, Nine.


Thursday, 6 February 2020

Parent Information Evening

NB.... The link for this did not work correctly last week.  My apologies for the delay.

Dear Parents,


Just a quick note to remind you that the Parent Information Session will be held on Tuesday the 11th of February at 5pm, beginning in the hall and then moving on to the Preprimary Classrooms.
Mrs Leahy and I will present our Preprimary information together.
We urge at least one parent from each family to attend.  Please make a note in your dairy and book a baby sitter for this event if necessary.


Four days down and one to go and week one will be complete!  What an amazing start your little people have made to the school year.  We have had a few early morning nerves but within ten minutes of our beautiful mums leaving your little people 'have got this' and are behaving like true classroom professionals.

Please be aware that they will be very tired.  Your children are working hard to self regulate all day.  They are trying their hardest to listen to the teachers - even though they would rather be playing. They are wondering who they will play with and how they will even find their friends in the playground when everyone is wearing the same clothes.  They are adjusting to slightly changed eating timetables and wearing new shoes that hurt their feet.  To add to all of this the extreme heat on Tuesday and Wednesday has meant its been an extra big week for them.
The teachers do all they can to make the day as easy and as much fun as they possibly can but your child may still come home and 'release' via a tantrum or a few tears with you - because they feel safe to do that with you. Please be patient and know most kids do this and that soon enough they will be into school routine.
A couple of things you can do to assist your child at this time are...

  • Make sure they eat their breakfast and if they eat really early have something else to eat just before coming to school.
  • Check their feet for blisters from new shoes and wear thicker socks if need be.
  • Bring bed time forward. Have a quite calm story before they go to sleep.
  • Encourage independence at school. Ask them to carry their own bags to and from the classroom.  Have them pack their own bags and practise zipping up the bag. 
  • Practise putting on their own shoes and socks. 
  • Check that they can independently attend to their toileting needs.
  • Explain that they wont be able to read and write straight away.  There is no magic button. They will have to keep learning all the pieces of the reading and writing jigsaw puzzle before they can put it all together. 
  • When talking about the letters of the alphabet do not use the letter names.  Use the letter sounds.  

In Preprimary the first few weeks are focused on the social and emotional well being of your child. We aim to promote a sense of belonging to their class group and the development of strong and trusting relationships with their teachers.

Classroom and  outdoor rules are developed with the children's input and adhered to for everyone's safety and happiness.

Let me know if you have any concerns about your child's adjustment to their foundation year of schooling.  Likewise I will speak to you if I have any concerns.

Keep up the 'Super Parenting'

Kind regards,
Mrs Julie Birch

Friday, 31 January 2020

Welcome to PPB!

Dear Parents,

It is with great joy that we welcome you and your child to PPB. We are looking forward to a happy and fun filled year that will to serve to engage your child in active learning.

I have no doubt that you have many questions about how the classroom will run and what you can do to make your child's first weeks enjoyable.

There will be a parent night in Week Two that will allow for detailed information and in the meantime I would ask that you read carefully the list of pointers below.

  • School begins for you child on Monday the 3rd of February.  Please have your child at school between 8.30am and 8.40am.  The classroom will be set up for Gathering Time. Please hang your child's bag on the hooks outside and then enter and follow the prompts on the Interactive Whiteboard. 
  • Your child should be wearing their school uniform.  Black shorts, Teal polo shirt and brown sandals or white joggers with white socks. Pack a rugby top if the weather is cool. 
  • Please pack a small lunch box with morning tea in it. (Fruit, crackers, cheese etc) and a larger lunch box with their main lunch in it. Clearly label both lunch boxes with your child's name.  Please note we are a nut allergy friendly school. Please do not pack nuts.  Students are not allowed to share their food. 
  • Each child must have a water bottle.  Please label it. Place the water bottle on the trolley outside. 
  • Please check that labels in the classroom with your child's name are spelled correctly. 
  • We suggest that you pack a spare set of underwear and shorts in case of toileting or water play accidents.  Leave these in the bottom on the school bag. 
  • Please take your bag of stationary to the central wet area. This bag needs to be clearly labelled with your child's name as we checklist to ensure that all families have contributed school supplies. 
  • Each child will require a SMALL pillow for rest time. An airplane neck pillow will be fine or a small 'cot' pillow.  We do not have space to store large pillows and they will be sent home.
  • Canteen is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. A lunch order box will be placed on the front mat on these days and you can place your money and order in the bags provided. Preprimary students do not purchase morning tea.  You will still need to pack morning tea on these days if you order lunch. 
  • A communications diary will be placed on the drawers near the entrance door.  If you are not picking up your child please write in the book to tell us who will be. Any children on bus or pick up lane must also be entered into the communication diary. If your plans change during the day then please ring the office and leave a message. 
  • It will take a while to match all children and parents.  When it is dismissal time please call your child's name when we indicate. 
  • Please be prompt to pick up your child as teachers have meetings after school.  Dismissal is 3pm.  If you get held up please ring the office to inform them. 
  • Library Exchange Day will be Friday.  All reading bags should be in the library box by Friday morning. 
  • On Wednesdays we will spend time with our Buddy Class - 5K. 
  • If you have any urgent communications please email Mrs Birch 

The first day of a new class can be quite daunting for most children.  Please remember that if you are calm and confident then your child will follow your cues. Please keep your child calm and happy before school and try not to be late as this is unsettling for little people. When you arrive show your child where their drawer is, where their water bottle is and where they should hang their bag. Bring them up to the teachers to say hello and introduce yourselves. Once this is done find an activity to complete.  There will be books to read, games to play and drawing to do.  Your child should choose one activity and settle quietly to it. 
We ask that parents keep their socialising to outside of the classroom. 

If you are worried about separation anxiety then this video by Maggie Dent may be of help. 
Click Here.

Teachers in PPB

Teacher.  Mrs Birch.  Monday - Friday.
Education Assistants.  Mon, Tue and Fri.  Mrs Young.
                                               Wed - Thurs.  Ms Kent.

We look forward to meeting you all on Monday!
Best Wishes,
Mrs Birch, Mrs Young and Ms Kent.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Week 9 - We made it!

Dear Parents,

Here it is ... the last week of PP1B. Your beautiful little people have become a big part of our lives this year.  We have spent our days together learning about all sorts of wonderful things.  We have shared fun and laughter and a few tears too.  Each and every child in PP1B has earned a special place in our hearts and those amazing Year One students whom have been with us for two years - well they have earned a an extra special place.
We would like to have a shared lunch on the lawn outside of PP1B at 12.30pm on Thursday.  The children will sit together, pres and ones, to to mark the end of their special year. You may wish to pack a lunch that has something special in it.
We would like to thank all parents for your help and support over the year.  You have been amazing.

Our last week will be very busy with lots happening so here are some reminders for you.


  • Bring in a recyclable bag labelled clearly with your child's name, if you haven't already done so. 
  • Christmas Concert and Awards night.  All parents are expected to come.  Please have your child on the lawn, outside of the hall by 5.15pm where they will line up ready to enter the hall.  Children may not run around the school or play in the playgrounds. 
  • Your child may wear their favourite Christmas clothes. 


  • Please pick your child up from the door as they will have a bag of take home books to carry. 
  • Make sure your child has a white t-shirt in readiness for Friday. 
  • Cleaning Day.  Please let Mrs Birch know if you can help clean furniture.  9am - 10am. 
  • Shared Lunch. 12.30pm. 


  • End of term. 
  • Assembly 9am.  Certificates, Star Citizen Awards to be given out. 
  • 2pm.  Colour Run. 
  • 3pm  Dismiss. 
  • PLEASE NOTE  Your child's report will be in the top pocket of their bag. Please do not ask fo reports prior to the day. If your child is absent their report will go to the office. 

Excursion photos... as promised.

Once again, our sincere thanks for being the wonderful parents that you are.

Mrs Birch.  Mrs Sorgiovanni.  Mrs Young.  Mrs Peacock and Mrs Sweeny.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Wanted Gumnuts.

I knew there was something else that should have gone on the BLOG last night!
Next week we will be making some 'natural' eco friendly Christmas Ornaments.
If you could kindly look around your back yard, blocks, street, local parks etc and find some interesting dried gum nuts and native seedpods that we can use to create these ornaments and bring them into school ASAP we would be very appreciative.
I noticed that a bottle brush nearby is full of beautiful long lines of nuts at the moment.  I have a feeling that there will be lots of goodies out there!