Monday, 21 June 2021

Dear Parents,

Following the Speech and Occupational therapy screens that were completed earlier this term, Potential Therapy Services has devised some opportunities for further skill development for your child. Not all children require one-on-one therapy, however some do require some extra support in certain areas. This can be successfully given by parents. Potential Therapy is able to 'up skill' parents on how to help their child.

Potential Therapy are offering 3 Occupational Therapy groups and 3 Speech Pathology groups in these holidays targeting areas that were in most need.

Parents and their child will attend and the group which will focus on parent coaching in order to assist their child in developing their skills.

Please look carefully at your child's Speech and OT reports. These identify the areas your child requires support. Contact Potential Therapy Services before Friday 25th June to book a place in the group/s best suited to your child. If you are unsure please contact myself or the therapists at Potential. 

Potential Therapy Services: 97543061  or

This is an amazing opportunity, please don't let it pass you and your child by. Refer to the following flyers for groups and their times.

Kind regards,
Julie Birch 

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Week 9. Term 2.

Dear Parents,

Week Nine.... Apologies for the late BLOG this week.  I have been crazy busy!

 Preprimary Plant Drop Project. 

What a wonderful  response we have had to our Plant Drop project.  Lots of wonderful grandparents have come to visit and assist the chidlren to pot off cuttings that they have brought in.

Last Friday Beau's Butterly Grandparents came in and on Tuesday Brysen's Nanna Vicki popped in during her lunch break.  We now how well over 20 plants potted off and we hope to add many more to our stash.  

Sadly we haven't had a chance to take photos of all the grandparents but we do have a few of Brysen and Nanna Vicki.

We have done so much potting that we have used up all our spare pots so please send in some empty pots for us to fill!


We have now taught the sounds for each of the following letters: 

m, s, t, a, p, i, r, f, o, c, d, h, e, n, g. 

It is important that the children become fluent at recognising these letters. A great way to help at home is to play 'Snap' with these letters making sure your child says the correct sound for each letter as it is played. You can make up your own set of snap cards on squares of paper or card. 

We have also begun learning some 'tricky words' (otherwise known as high-frequency words). So far we have covered: 

I, the, my, a, is, was, you, to, they, that, said, are. 

Each of these words has a tricky part to it that makes it difficult to sound out unless you know the trick!! At home you could talk about these words with your child and point out the tricky part. The more your child sees and reads these words the easier it will be for them when they see them in books.

We will put a Tricky Word tree in your child's reading folder.

Tricky Words and their tricky parts

I: this word uses the letter name when it is read.

the: 'th' is the tricky part where 't' and 'h' join to make one sound 'th'

my: 'y' is the tricky part - it is not making it's usual sound. It is making the 'long i' sound.

a: this word uses the letter name when it is read

is: 's' is the tricky part. The 's' is not making it's usual sound. It is saying the 'z' sound.

was: the 'a' and 's' are both tricky in this word. The 'a' is making the 'short o' sound and the 's' is making the 'z' sound.

you: the 'ou' is the tricky part. The 'ou' join together to make the 'oo' sound as in 'moon'.

to: the 'o' is the tricky part. The 'o' is making the 'oo' sound as in 'moon'.

they: the 'th' and 'ey' are both tricky parts. The 'th' is making the 'hard th' sound and they 'ey' join together to make the 'long a' sound.

that: the 'th' is the tricky part. The 'th' is making the 'hard th' sound.

said: the 'ai' is the tricky part. The 'ai' join together to may the 'e' sound as in 'bed'.

are: there are a two silent vowels in this word, 'a' and 'e'. the word is said using the letter name for 'r'.

Character Strength
Dear Parents, currently at OLC we are focusing on modeling and observing different character strengths. This week we are looking for people who demonstrate Fairness. Can you encourage your child to show the following?

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone,

Julie Birch 

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Week 8. Term 2.

 Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that it is only three and half weeks until the holidays. Our eleven week term is flying by!  I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  The five day break was very timely as there were some very tired children last week.  

We completed a laundry reno for our son and daughter in law in Perth over the weekend and it looks amazing!  The boys were very proud of themselves and it was great to spend some family time together. 

Rugby Tops

With the winter chill hitting us at present I would like to ask all parents to check that they pack their children's rugby tops each day.  Please also make sure that the rugby tops are labelled clearly with your child's name.  There are a number of second hand rugby tops circlating with the names of past students  on them and this makes it very difficult for us to find their current owner. 

Always check to make sure your child is wearing their own rugby top. We had a couple of missing rugby tops last week and this usually means that they have gone home in someone elses bag! 

Church Visit

Last Thursday PPB and PPL walked to visit our Church.  Father Francis made us feel very welcome and answered all of our questions.  We had talked about what we might find in the church before going there and the children were armed with amazing questions for Father.  Flynn even asked where to find the Tabernacle! The children displayed incredibly mature respect for 'God's House' and enjoyed their visit. 

 Don't forget:

  • Walkie Wheelie Waste Free Wednesday tomorrow!
  • Library Exchange on Thursday.
  • Reading book exchange is usually Tuesday and Thursday but because it is a short week we will try and do it tomorrow if your child's book is in. 
  • If you are planning on taking extended holidays over the winter you must see Fran and fill in the appropriate documentation. 
  • Check that your child's bag is not full of 'stuff'.  Some bags are so full that the chidlren can not easily pack them.  
  • Strength Focus for this week. 

Have a lovely week,

Julie Birch 

Monday, 31 May 2021

Week 7. Term 2.

 Dear Parents,

Can you believe it is Week 7 already?  Time is flying and before we know where we are it will be half way through the year. 

A big thankyou to Taylah's Grandma who came in last Friday and assisted Taylah and four other children to pot off some of the great cuttings she bought in.  Our collection of plants for the 'Plant Drop' project is steadily building up and the children are beginning to get excited about this project. We have grandparents booked in for the next three Friday's already. 


This week we will be creating a night time diorama.  Each child will need to bring in a box-preferrably shoebox size. The first group will begin this project tomorrow. 

Church Visit

On Thursday we will walk to the church where Fr Francis will meet us and tell us about the things we see inside a church. I would love two parents to walk with us on the day.  Leaving the school at 12 noon and returning by 1pm.  Let me know if you would like to join us via email.  First two to contact me will be selected.  

Walkie Wheelie Wednesday

Don't forget.  Walk or wheel to school.  Make sure there is no plastic or rubbish in your child's lunch box. 


Currently at OLC we are focusing on modeling and observing different character strengths. This week we are looking for people who demonstrate Creativity. 

Student Free Days

Don't forget that this Friday the 4th of June and next Tuesday the 8th of  June are STUDENT FREE days.  All teachers will be participating in Professional Development on those days. 

Reading Exchange

There are still some people getting mixed up with our Reading Book Exchange Days.  The days are Tuesday and Thursday.  Your child should read the book each night.  A second reading of the same text allows the children to consolidate their learning from the evening before. Your child will not get a new reader if you have not recorded in their journal that they have completed the book in the folder. 

PLD Packs.  TuesdayLibrary Bags.  Thursday. 

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend.  I hope you have something 'fun' lined up to do.  I will be heading to Perth to help my son and daughter-in-law renovate their laundry before the baby arrives!

Kind regards,

Julie Birch 

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Week 6. Term 2.

Dear Parents,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.  These rainy days provide opportunity for some quiet family time at home.  Slowing the pace down for our children is important to do and I am sure they have enjoyed their weekend. 

A big thank you to Flynn's Yaya (grandmother) who came in on Friday and took a small group of children to have some special time potting off cuttings for our Plant Drop project.  Thank you also to Taylah's dad who dropped off a big bag of potting mix. We really appreciate your donations and support for this special project.  Let me know if any Grandparents can help - I will roster them on!  We hope to continue this every Friday for the rest of the term.  I have my 84 year old mum on hold to pop in and help if the chidlren's grandparents can't come in. After watching Old People's home for Four Year Olds on the ABC it has reminded me how important it is for both our elderly and our little people to spend time together. The benefits of these sessions are very mutual. 

Dance Fundraiser. 

The dance fundraiser was a huge success.  The chidlren had a wonderful time! So did the teachers!!


During our Math lessons we have been looking very carefully at 10 frames. We have become very good at identifying what number is represented by different amounts of dots on a ten frame. We have discovered ways of making ten by using our ten frames. We are also matching a numeral to the ten frame and putting them in order. Some chidlren have even found that they can tell how many dots there are by looking at how many are missing.  Clever cookies. 
Our measurement focus has been on capacity. This week we made paper cones and investigated how many scoops of beans it took to fill them. We also looked at glass jars and what happens to a drop of dye when we fill the jar with water. We saw that when you fill a large jar with water the dye becomes a light colour (diluted) but when you fill a small jar with water the colour is dark. It all depends on how much water the jar can hold!! This is a great experiment for home!!

Ordering our cones by their capacity. Do you know that the largest cone could hold five cups of corn kernals.  The smallest only held one cup. 

Keeping Safe
On Thursday and Friday we spent time discussing who we trust.  The children came up with a very sensible list and created our classroom wall of Trust. 

So far we have learnt the sounds for these letters: m s t a p i r f o c d.  Even though we have looked at these letters we need to keep practising them so we know them off by heart. 
We are writing and reading CVC words (consonant - vowel - consonant) by blending sounds together and segmenting sounds apart.
We have practised putting a space between words when writing a sentence too!!!
There are lots of words that are tricky to 'sound out'. We are beginning to learn some of them. So far we have looked at the words: the, my, I, a, is. Each one of these words has a tricky part to it that we need to remember.


Wednesday the 26th of May marks National Sorry Day and Thursday the 27th marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week. These are important dates for us to acknowledge as we work toward harmony and intercultural understanding as a nation.  The theme for Reconciliation week this year is: More Than a Word … Reconciliation Takes Action. Considering this theme, we are planning on conducting a whole school event involving all OLC students.

The children are asked to wear either a blackred or yellow T shirt (any shade or hue is fine) and black sports shorts on the day of Wednesday 26th May.   

This might not mean buying a T-Shirt – school sports shirts for Meelup and Leeuwin could be worn, or any T’s you already have at home which are predominantly one of these colours will be fine.

Stay tuned to our Social Media platforms during Reconciliation Week to see the fruits of out labours!

Walkie Wheelie Wednesday

 Please don't forget to pack waste free lunches and try to walk or ride to school on Wednesday. 

Our Personal Strengths. A message from the Wellbeing Team.

Dear Parents, 
Currently at OLC we are focusing on modeling and observing different character strengths. This week we are looking for people who show Bravery. Can you encourage your child to do the following?

" I act on my convictions and I face threats, challenges, difficulties and pains despite my fears".

Have a wonderful week everyone.
Don't forget to pack your child's rugby top tomorrow!
PLD Pack and reading book Tuesday.
Reading Book on Thursdays.  Apologies.  We couldn't access the library last Thursday.  We will try and do a mystery swap tomorrow. 

Kind regards,
Julie Birch 

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Week 5. Term 2.

 Dear Parents,

What a busy couple of weeks we have had!  The children have been working very hard and have been 'blowing our socks off' with their amazing reading and writing!  Their mathematics understandings are 'taking off' and in science we have been exploring the concept of day and night. 

Last week we were lucky enough to welcome Mrs Amanda Taylor to our Preprimary staff.  She is a very experienced Special Needs Education Assistant and will share her time between the two classrooms. 

Mrs Tutt has been completing her Education Assistant work experience with us over the last three weeks.  She has been a wonderful addition to the ECC and we thank her for all of her hard work. This Wednesday will be her last day of work experience. 

On my Sunday walk this morning I saw lots of signs of Autumn with deciduous trees putting on a beautiful show.  In class we have discussed deciduous and evergreen trees. This kind of discussion helps our understanding of seasons and also helps us to appreciate the beauty around us.  At school we are watching our beautiful plane tree over our deck as it slowly loses its leaves. If you are out walking and see a beautiful display then send in a photo so we can have a look!

George - my grandfurbaby - Autumn pose! 

Plant Drop WA

In class we have been discussing the fact that it feels good to be kind and to do kind things for others. 

To allow the children to experience the joy of 'secret' giving  I would like to copy the incentive of Plant Drop WA (they have a Facebook page).  Whilst in Fremantle earlier this year I saw a small pot plant sitting on a table at he markets, all alone.  Being a plant lover my attention was drawn to it. Beside it was a note asking for someone to adopt and love the plant. Finding this plant brought me great joy!

I would like to get the children involved in potting off small plants (succulents, seedlings etc) over the winter and then in the spring have them 'drop' plants around Dunsborough for people to 'find' and keep.  I suppose this could be described as a 'pay it forward project'. I will roster a couple of children each weekend to do their drop and will need parents to help them with this. 

To get the ball rolling I would love some donations of potting mix, empty pots and cuttings. The more the better. 

To add an extra joy to this project I would love grandparents to help the children.  The logistics of this will take a little working out so let me know if you can donate or have grandparents who may be interested in helping. 

Preprimary Cultural Excursion Reschedule

Our cultural excursion with Josh Whiteland had been redscheduled to September due to a family illness for Josh. Our thoughts are with Josh and we look forward to spending time with him later in the year. 

Free Dress for Geographe this Friday.

Congratulations to Geographe who were the Week 5 token tally winners! 

Dancing For Sick Kids Fundraiser

Hello K-6 Families! Next Friday, 21st May all students will be Dancing for Sick Kids! Please bring a gold coin donation to school on Friday to raise money for this incredible Charity. All funds raised will help seriously ill or injured children and their families by providing a home-away-from-home at Ronald McDonald House, whilst they receive critical care and treatment. On average, it costs Ronald McDonald House Charities $160 to support a family for one night, so please give what you can, every dollar counts. Please see our OLC Fundraising page for further information and any additional donations: 

Thank you for helping me make a difference!
Mrs Haines 💃

Book Fair Week 5

Book Fair will be held in week 5. It will be set up in the back of the hall. 
Times: Tue and Wed before and after school and lunchtime 1.10-1.45.
Please note - If your child brings more than $15 to spend during the day, please have it in an envelope with the amount written on it and signed by you. 
There will be 2 book hunts happening throughout the Book Fair. (PP- Yr 3) (Yr 4 - 6) There will be one winner per year group. The book hunts will be at the door on Tuesday to be picked up and filled in. The winner will choose by luck of the draw on Wednesday afternoon. Even those students who do not buy anything can enter the competition and maybe win a book. Kids have 4 chances to participate in the hunt - before/ after school and lunchtime Tuesday and before school and lunchtime Wednesday. 

Community Support: Please Help if you can!

Dear OLC Community,
As you know one of our family's recently suffered the unexpected loss of their husband and father in February this year. Dave Clift was husband to Annmarie and dad to Violet in Year 5H, and to former OLC students Damon (17), and Sunny (15). Annmarie has been overwhelmed by the love and support she has already received in terms of willing listeners, shoulders to cry on and lovingly prepared meals. Many people have continued to ask how they might best help the family as they move forward. Here is a way. Without Dave and an income, Annmarie could really use some financial support. If you are able, even if in a small way to contribute to this Go Fund Me Campaign, she would be forever grateful. Thank you and may God Bless you.
Mrs. Amie Meyer

No Dogs 

Last week there was an incident on school grounds with a large dog and one of our younger students. We have been advised that dogs are now unfortunately not permitted on school grounds. (Wilko our care dog is an exception to this rule).

Update! Mr Lee has said that new puppies, on a lead, for show and tell are ok! 

OLC Celebrates National Sorry Day – Bring a T Shirt!

Wednesday the 26th May marks National Sorry Day and Thursday the 27th marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week. These are important dates for us to acknowledge as we work toward harmony and intercultural understanding as a nation.
The theme for Reconciliation week this year is: More than a word … Reconciliation takes action. Considering this theme, we are planning on conducting a whole school event involving all OLC students, and parents are asked dress their child with either a black, red or yellow T shirt (any shade or hue is fine) and black sports shorts on the day of Wednesday 26th May. This might not mean buying a T-Shirt – school sports shirts for Meelup and Leeuwin could be worn, or any T’s you already have at home which are predominantly one of these colours will be fine. Stay tuned to our Social Media platforms during Reconciliation Week to see the fruits of out labours!

Wheelie Walkie Waste-free Wednesday 

Support for this initiative was down last week.... Let's all make a supreme effort this week! 

Remember... no plastic or other 'rubbish' in the children's lunch boxes - Wednesdays and hopefully every day!

This week is the last week that we can earn tokens for our factions through either walking, riding or scooting to school and bringing a waste free lunch. Not only does it help reduce waste and help our environment but it helps us keep fit and active and gets our brains ready for learning! This Friday we will find out who the winning faction will be for free-dress in Week 6!

Character Strengths - A message from our OLC Wellbeing team

Dear Parents, 

Currently at OLC we are focusing on modeling and observing different character strengths. This week we are looking for people who show Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. Please encourage your child to do the following...


Those who express an appreciation of beauty & excellence notice and appreciate beauty, excellence and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience.

More information on Character strengths can be found here:

Well... that's a lot to remember but I am sure we can do it. 

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Julie Birch 

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Week 3 Term 2.

Dear Parents,

I would like to wish all the mum's a very happy day for Sunday. I hope you have some special family time planned. It looks like I will have my three kids and their partners joining us for the weekend. This mothers day being extra special for us with 'Baby Birch' - next generation - only 12 weeks away now! 

Your children have been very busy making some special surprises for you. 

Apologies for my absence today (and possibly tomorrow).  Unfortunately a light cold turned into laryngitis and there is no way you can teach little people with no voice! I am still working from home and contactable. 

Home Readers

We are sending out home readers a little earlier than usual as the children are very keen to show off their reading skills. Our exchange days will be Tuesday and Thursday. Please return your child's reading folder on these mornings. We are putting the books in temporary folders. If you would like to upgrade the folder then the ones at Seachange  are what we would prefer you to use.  Bo and Immi already have one! Reading folders must be waterproof in order to protect our readers. In fact our readers are precious. Please treat them that way and ensure that they are returned each week, not drawn in and kept away from food. The P & F have funded the purchase of these CVC decodable readers and we appreciate all the hard work that went into fundraising. 

When reading your child should be encouraged to decode or 'sound out' each word (until they can read it without decoding). At present your child should recall the sound for the letters 'a' 'm' 'p' 's' 'f' 'i' 'r' 't' . It is expected that they may need assistance with letters beyond this group until they are covered in class. Allow your child time to sound out or segment the word and then blend the sounds. 

c - a - t   = cat  

Reread the sentence when all words have been sounded out.  Discuss the meaning of the sentences as the texts become more complex. 

Beginning reading requires lots of patience and positive feedback from parents. If we create a positive attitude towards reading in our children now... then we will have half the battle won for their future learning! Thank you all for being super parents. 

Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Parent Interviews.

At the end of last term I sent out copies of your parent interview for you to sign and return. A huge thanks to those of you who have done this.  There are still quite a few that have not been returned.  Please do so ASAP. I need to file these. 

If we discussed follow up interviews early this term then please see me to make a time. 

Speech Screening

Last year the children were meant to receive speech screening. Due to Covid restrictions this did not happen.  PPB students will receive their speech screening next week.  

Occupational Therapists completed a screening at the end of last term and reports should be available for parents to view in the near future. 

A reminder that if you have any health reports for your child - eye sight - hearing - Physiotherapist -etc then please provide a copy so that I can scan it into our school records. This sort of information is invaluable when we are creating work plans for your children.  


Please check to see if your child's rugby top is labelled with their name.  There are a few floating around at the moment with names of 'big kids' ... obviously second hand that haven't been renamed.  You can always ask me for an artline texta in the mornings if you need to relabel. 

Mrs Tutt is presently doing her Education Assistant Practical experience with our class. Please make her feel welcome. We have been working her very hard... and she has been wonderful. 

This week we have been blessed with the arrival of Mrs Taylor. Amanda is a highly experienced Education Assistant who has been employed to support he learning of some children in both PPB and PPL.  She is a lovely, happy, smiley lady and the children have warmed to her very quickly. Welcome to the team Amanda. 

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Kind regards,

Julie Birch