Sunday, 11 November 2018

Week 6

A few reminders for the weeks ahead.

1.  The children will be participating in PLD differentiated spelling groups for the last few weeks of school in preparation for Year One next year.  They all completed the PLD Year One placement test last week and did very well! The process of sending the children off to their like needs groups is very matter of fact.  Each group has a title and it is explained to the children what their learning focus is in that group.  It is not a competitive process but rather a sensible way of allowing children to consolidate their personal needs in spelling. These groups will be housed in PPB, PPL, the central wet area and in some Year One classrooms. This session is only 20 minutes long. 
2. We plan to have the children eat their lunch with the 'big school' in weeks 8 and 9.  This is another preparation for Year One. The Preprimary children will be kept in a circle and closely supervised. 
3.  Multicultural Day is getting closer.  We will announce the date this week. For this day we need quite a bit of parent support. The children will rotate through six activities that are based around a culture other than their own.  Eg.  Cooking, craft, music, dance etc.   For these activities we draw from the expertise of our parent community.  If you can cook some Italian biscuits or dance the Mexican Hat Dance (for example!) and would like to lead a small group of children in a task then please let us know this week.  I know we have a few families who hail from other places in the world - and even if you are a 5th generation Aussie but make amazing sushi - we would love your input. 
We look forward to hearing from you. 
Update.   The day will be on Wednesday Week 8.  The 28th of November, 2018.
4 Gathering Time is becoming increasingly noisy and it is very difficulty for the children to concentrate on their writing tasks.  I am going to suggest that this week we 'wean' the children off parent support during gathering time.  Where possible I would like parents to walk their children to the classroom, get them started on a task and then leave.  If your child is unsettled stay by all means but I have a very strong feeling that they will all be fine.  Their writing is taking off so quickly that I think they will give it a good go alone. 
5. Christmas is getting closer and just a heads up that we will begin our Advent Religious Education programme this week. This always feels a bit early but our main focus will be on the nativity story. 
We will also begin the process of writing letters to Santa as we need a bit of turn around time on this one. 
6. Father Ian's Farewell mass is this Friday at 9am.  We would love some parents to attend. 

Have a lovely week. 

Monday, 5 November 2018

Week 5

Last week was a very busy one with the highlight being our participation on World Outdoor Classroom Day.
We spent the morning completing over 20 activities in our play ground.  These included many opportunities to revise learning completed in the classroom earlier in the week.
Favourite activities included easel painting, bubble blowing and cubby building.  Number writing on the bricks and sight word painting on a sheet

After recess we went on a mapping walk and visited different sites around the school yard. We recorded our journey by wrapping leaves from that site around a stick. This was a wonderful activity and the children participated with great calmness and interest.

This week has seem some great maths and language activities and tomorrow we will be thinking about the great Australian Cultural event.  The Melbourne Cup.

Letters went home today to remind you about purchasing uniforms in preparation for Year One next year.

Monday, 29 October 2018

World Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday this week we will be participating in World Outdoor Classroom Day.  The Pre primary students will complete a series of play based learning activities in our outdoor area. 
It would be great to have a couple of extra helpers on this morning.  If you can help then let us know. 

We could also do with some help with resources on the day. 

We need;
1.  Old sheets.  White or light in colour that you don't want back!
2.  Leaves.  Non toxic.  As many different sorts, shapes, colours that you can find.  A shopping bag full would be great. 
3. Gum nuts.  We need a few hundred of these!
4. Small flat rocks.  Like the ones that come in bags from Bunnings for your garden.  If you have some of these that you haven't used we sure can make use of them. 
5. Spray bottles. Empty and cleaned out. 
6.  Boxes for box construction. 
7.  Milk bottle lids. 
8.  Lots of sticks.  In lengths of about 20cm.  Pencil thick. 

If you can bring in some of these things it will be a huge help and time saver for us! 
Thank you in advance.

Very Importantly..... 

A HUGE thank you to Adele's Nona, Mrs Mary DeChiera, who came into the classroom last Friday and made HOMEMADE pasta with the children.
The class were telling me about it today and they loved the activity... and enjoyed eating the pasta!  
Thank you of course to Mrs Sorgiovanni for organising this... a great learning opportunity for the children and it tied in beautifully with the book Strega Nona that they read on Friday. 
There are some photos on the wall outside of the classroom.  Make sure you have a good look. 

Mrs Birch 

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Week 4

I hope you all got to go out and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.

The children will be completing their last week of their Science/HASS groups this week.  The children working on science with me have been looking at Chemical Science.  In PP this means we look at natural and processed materials and learn to sort them. 
We have looked at the natural product of wool and learn how it is processed from sheep's back to jumper.  The children even completed their own weaving using warp and weft on a cardboard loom.
We have also looked at traditional costumes from around the world and discussed what these are made of and why they might be made that way... bringing the conversation back to climate and the use of natural resources.
The children working on HASS projects have been travelling around the world and learning about the lives of children in countries and communities different to where we live.

This week Mrs Birch will be out on Wednesday and Mrs Sorgiovanni will be teaching.
This should be the last of the changes for the term.

Please continue with your regular reading and sight word routines at home. Remember the children should be reading and writing the first 25 words without assistance by the end of term four.

If you haven't bought your two bags of lollies in for the fete then please do so this week.

Halloween occurs this week.  Halloween is not a topic we discuss deeply or celebrate in class. However we always enjoy the happy recounts the children have of Trick or Treating.
Please remember that teachers do not enjoy Halloween 'Hangovers'.  It's always a good idea to ration the lollies over a few weeks rather than allow the children to consume them all in one night!
Have a great week!

Julie Birch

Monday, 22 October 2018

Week 3

We have made a busy beginning to Term Four with lots of good learning happening in Preprimary. 
In Term Four we aim to enrich the children's newly gained reading and writing skills and increase their confidence in their own abilities. It is important that we continue to give positive reinforcement for all that they do and continue to model good reading and good writing.  Please don't give up the bedtime story.  Keep reading to your children.

Gathering Time
Please remember your Writing Journal days.  Group A is on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Group B is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please do NOT tell your child how to spell a word.  Ask them what sounds they can hear.  Help them to hear all the sounds.  Let them represent the sounds in a way that works for them.  The children have been exposed to the digraphs sh, ch, th (soft), th (hard), oo as in book, oo as in soon.  Refer them to the charts on the wall if they need reminders. 

Dotted Thirds.
Please look at the report sample on the front wall to see how dotted thirds are used.  I will send home some samples this week. 

Home Readers and Sight words
Just a reminder that readers are changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays and only if their reading has been recorded. Again, re-reading a book a number of times is extremely beneficial particularly when they are just learning to read.
The students are tested on their sight words every 2 weeks. They need to read and write them correctly to move onto the next set. So keep practicing them at home whenever you can. If you feel you child is ready to be tested on a particular set of words before the 2 weeks is up then please write their name on the small whiteboard on the bench near the wet area. 
Knowing a bank of sight words makes reading and writing easier. If they already know the words then they don't have to work so hard when reading and writing.

Reading Eggs
The students have been using the Reading Eggs program at school on the iPads. They each have a login and work at their own pace at their own level. If you are interested in doing this at home you are more than welcome to use their school login and password. These passwords were handed out last term.  The new boys will receive theirs this week. 

PLC Fete
Each student in Pre primary are asked to bring in 2 packets of lollies for the fete. Please bring them in as soon as possible and put in the labelled box in the classroom.

Any questions, concerns or celebrations

Please feel free to see me if you have any questions or concerns and of course any celebrations!!!

In science we are looking at processed materials or fabrics.  We will look at how woolen fabric is made. Would anyone have access to or know someone that has and can use a spinning wheel?I would love the children to see this process. 
I would also like a large weaving loom to complete a whole class weaving piece.  Does anyone have one?
I am also after some silkworms and some fresh shorn sheep wool.  

Thanks to our beautiful Mrs Sorgiovanni for stepping in today while I was at a Planning Meeting in Bunbury.  
She will also be teaching on Wednesday the 31st of October as I will be setting up a display of artwork from OLC at the Busselton Show.  Make sure you pop in to the schools pavilion and have look if you visit the show. 

Have a lovely week,

Julie Birch 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Sharing Roster Term 4.

Pre-Primary Sharing Roster – Term 4.  2018
Even Weeks
Finn D
Oscar B

Sienna B
Oscar A
Odd Weeks
Fynn M
News Topics
Week - Holiday Sharing.
Weeks 2 – 3  Transport
Weeks 4 – 5 My Favourite Food
Weeks 6 – 7   Country Talk. (See letter to follow)
Weeks 8 – 9   What I have learnt in Preprimary

Monday, 8 October 2018

Term 4 - Here We Go!

Image result for world

I hope you have  had a lovely holiday break and are all ready for Term Four.
We are on the home run now!
This term we will be 'travelling around the world' and looking at cultures other than our own.  We plan to provide the children with experiences that will broaden their knowledge of celebrations and traditions that children around the world participate in. We will do this primarily through literature but also through some fun 'hands on' play based learning planned including a 'Multicultural Day'.
If you have a family background that draws from another culture or have traveled and feel knowledgeable about other cultures and would like to share your experiences and knowledge with the children then please let me know. 

A big welcome to Will Hodges and Phoenix Kerr who joined our class today.  Both boys have made a confident start and have enjoyed their play sessions.  Mrs Young and I were really impressed with how welcoming and supportive the children in PPB have been. 
Term 4 Dates.

Week 1  Events. 
Tuesday 9th October: Constable Care Incursion - This session was about using 000 in emergencies. 
Thursday 11th October: Scitech Incursion

Please refer to the calendar on the school website for other events throughout the term.


  • All children must wear their hat at lunch and recess times.  If your child's hat is still at home after being washed then please bring it in ASAP. 
  • There are still a couple of unclaimed cushions in the classroom.  We are not using pillows and cushions during our quiet time in term 4. 
  • Your child needs their fresh water bottle every day at school. 
  • Library bags and PLD packs must be in the box ready for exchange on WEDNESDAY mornings. 
  • Home readers are exchanged on Tuesdays an Thursdays. 
  • If your child can read and write their set of 5 sight words then they must write their name on the small whiteboard to request a test and hopefully new sight words. 
  • There will be no PMP this term.  Instead the children will participate in FMS (Fundamental Movement Skills) sessions and parent helpers are not required for this. 
I would like to do some cooking sessions with the children this term.  Dishes from around the world. 
If any parents are interested in helping/leading sessions then please let me know. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support.
Julie Birch
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