Monday, 23 November 2020

Dear Parents,

We are well and truly on the home run now with only just over two and a half weeks left of the school year!  It is always a bit of a shock to the system when we realise that the special little people who have been such a HUGE part of our lives for the best part of 12 months are about to move on...   They are certainly very ready for the learning challenges that Year One will provide and we feel confident that they will take on this new learning with enthusiasm. 

There is a lot happening over this next couple of weeks and your children will need to be fresh and ready for school in order to make the most of this time. Quiet and calm routines at home will be most beneficial for them. 

Little Engineers

I just had to share these pics and show case last week's engineering achievements in the construcion corner.  The children involved in the constuction of this amazing structure managed to not only keep it intact ... but to keep improving it all week. I just hope I win lotto in 15 years time so they can design and build my dream home!

The cooperation, self regulation and persistance required to build this would make these young architects prime candidates for employment in major building companies of the future. 

Early Childhood Excursion

On Friday 4th December the Early childhood classes will be attending an excursion together. More information will be provided shortly.

Vinnies Chrsitmas Hamper Appeal

Each year at OLC we take time to be thankful for our blessings and to assist those in need by contributing to Christmas Hampers distributed by the St. Vincent De Paul Society. The boxes will be located in EACH CLASSROOM and families are invited to contribute specified items. We will put our box outside of our door in the morinings. The Pre primary classes are asked to donate christmas goodies: such as bonbons, choccies, puddings etc.
Once all items are collected from each classroom they are divided up and placed into tubs ready to be given to families in need. Please donate generously.  There are many families out there that can't afford to buy these treats for themselves. 

The Musical tickets are now on sale, please see below for the link to buy your tickets. At this stage we are going with only one night and the matinee, however if the ticket sales far exceed our number limit we will extend it to two nights. 

So get on now and buy your tickets!

  • Tuesday 24th November: Year 6 Musical Matinee @1.45pm
  • Friday 27th November: Year 6 Musical @ 7pm
  • Friday 4th December: **Tentative Excursion date** more details to come...
  • Tuesday 8th December: End of Year Christmas Concert
  • Friday 11th December: Last Day of Term 4 - Colour Run

Have a lovely week,

Kind regards,

Julie Birch 

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Week 6 Term 4

Dear Parents,

Thank you all so much for supporting our routines. Here are a couple of updates. 

  • The children will not receive another PLD pack this year as they have completed the set. Please continue to read to your children as much as you can and take the time to talk about the content of the story. Try to make your questions a bit tricky to get them thinking deeply about the stories.
  • Library exchange will continue for another week. 
  • Please continue to practise the Tricky Words.  Your child needs to be able to both read and write these words.  We can really tell who has been concentrating at school and practising at home! Well done to those people. 
  • The children are loving sharing their favourite songs.  Don't forget to check the sharing roster and send in a link via email  so your child can share their favourite piece of music.  Please take the time to view the video first to make sure it is appropriate. 
Tired children. 
Please make sure your child has some quite time over the weekend and an early night on Sunday night.  We have had some very tired chidlren on a Monday over the last few weeks and learning doesn't happen well when children are too tired to concentrate. They also tend do be intolerant with each other.  With only three and a half weeks to go we want to make our end of year the best one that it can be!

It is Miss Holt's last week in our classroom and the children have had a lovely time with her.  It has been wonderful having an extra teacher in our room allowing us to complete some great learning.  A big thank you to Miss Holt for all of her warm enthusiasm. 


We had an incredible Thursday and Friday in PPB celebrating N.A.I.D.O.C. week.  On Thursday, we learnt about the importance of dance and music to Aboriginal people and watched the movements of a kangaroo and emu to inspire us to dance to the digeridoo.  Next, we played tapping sticks to the Aboriginal Our Father Prayer.  Then we looked at the Aboriginal flag out the front of our school and talked about its meaning.  After that, we made damper and then ... the best bit ... we ate it!!  Finally, we listened to the Aboriginal myth, “The Rainbow Serpent” and used lines and patterns to create a serpent of our own.  On Friday we painted our serpents and cut them out.  This was super tricky as they were in a spiral shape!  We finally wrote incredible recounts remembering all the fun we had had and what we had learnt about the special Aboriginal culture.  Take a look at some of our happy snaps! 

Monday, 9 November 2020

Week 5 Term 4

Dear Parents,

Last week was very eventful.  The children were kept on their toes with a visit from the mysterious creature who has been leaving clues after sneaking into the classroom while we have been out playing.  Last week it left sticky marks on our table tops.  The shapes looked a bit like paw prints.  They were stickly and smelt of honey.  Mmmmm  ... What could have done this? Tomorrow we will write about our personal theories after reviewing and discussing the evidence we have found. 

When we were working with Miss Holt on Thursday we got to blow bubbles.   It was huge fun.  After blowing the bubbles we wrote a recount of the experience with Miss Holt and brainstormed WOW words with Mrs Birch to make our writing more interesting.  With Ms Kent we made bubble prints.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

Today we had a test on our Tricky Words.  Althoug we practise them every day at school the teachers could see that it was very easy for those chidlren who have been practising their reading and writing of Tricky words at home and it that it was hard for those that haven't had a chance to practise with mum and dad.  Parents please assist your children to read and write these words during the week. The children will not receive new words unless they prove to us that they can read and write the list that they have been given. These Tricky Words are the words that they will need to write again and again at school. 

Please don't forget to return reading folders on Monday and Wednesday.  

PLD packs are due on Tuesdays. 

The green library bags should be brought in on Friday morning (with the library book in them!). 

Congratulations to Kai Wheatley who received a merit certificate last week.

This week child will receive a Star Citizen Award for excellence.  Excellence is defined by personal best and related to the amount of effort a child puts into their work. 


Last Thursday, in preparation for NAIDOC week we completed some artwork with our Year 5 buddies that is on display next to the office.  We coloured, cut, painted and scratched lines on a hand to become part of our whole school display to recognise the traditional owners of the land our school lies on. We will complete another NAIDOC buddy activity this week and celebrate together at our school assembly on Friday.