Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Home Reading

How is the Home Reading going?

By now it is expected that you have all established a regular home reading routine.  That is your child is swapping their book twice a week and that you and your child are reading each book twice.  So each day for four days of the week you will be sitting with your child and reading.  

When reading you follow these steps. 

1.  Look at the cover.  Discuss.  Identify the title and read.  
2.  Predict the content of the book. 
3.  Open the book and 'read' the pictures.  What is happening on this page. 
4.  Read the text.  Assist your child if need be. 
5.  Repeat for each page.  
6   Read the whole book.  
7.  Discuss what the book was about.  What happened in the beginning, in the middle and the end.  
8.  Was there something that happened in the book that the words didn't say but you knew because of the pictures?  Or because the words made you think that...  (Inferred Information). 

Home reading can be a patience game for parents but it is really important. 
Please click the link below to view a video from PLD featuring Diana Rigg explaining the importance of repeated reading. 

PLD The Importance of Repeated Reading.

Last term we, Mrs Leahy and myself,  offered to host a Parent Information Evening on home reading.  We had no takers. 
Now that you have had a chance to experience the home reading process you may have questions. 
If we get ten or more parents interested in attending we will host a night in the near future.  Please indicate your interest on the list on the parent information table. 

Sight Words.

Please remind your child to write their name on the small white board when they are ready for testing.  Remember they must be able to both read and write the word.  

Monday, 13 August 2018

Mrs Nottle's Notes

Good evening parents and welcome to week 5!
We are nearly half way through the term, with a busy few weeks ahead including the OLC Mission Markets, School Photo Day and Book week!

Good evening parents and welcome to week 5!
We are nearly half way through the term, with a busy few weeks ahead including the OLC Mission Markets, School Photo Day and Book week! There is so much learning happening in our classroom, that these events are exciting for our Pre Primary to attend. The wet weather has meant some days it has been difficult to enjoy outdoor time in our breaks, as soon as the rain clears we have observed treehouses being constructed, fairy gardens, and serious soccer games underway!

Last Friday we had Principals and admin from other schools visit Our Lady of the Cape. Mrs Birch was able to ’showcase’ the amazing team and students we have at OLC, and led them through our early years classrooms. They were very impressed by the creativity and skill of our Pre primary students, and eager to know what the students were doing at the time. We were again working with the Year 5 and 6 students to transfer their Koala report facts into a Koala poster using an app called ‘Picollage’. The students were very engaged during this lesson, and enjoyed the combination of research, writing, drawing, and labelling. Having the assistance of Year 5/6 students allowed them to then use another format and mode to recreate their report.

We have been learning our 3D shapes each Friday, learning that a 3D shape is not flat. There are various 3D shapes to find in and around our home. If possible it would be brilliant if you can together with your child ask them to identify a 3D shape in your home to bring in this Friday for our lesson. For example; a sphere (tennis ball), a cuboid (cereal box), or a cone (ice cream cone). There are also others such as pyramid, triangular prism and cube that we have included in our discussion and learning each Friday morning. It really assist children to understand math concepts when they can use and see connections with our everyday life.
Just ONE 3D example is sufficient. Thank you.

The children are really progressing well with sight words. Please ensure you don’t forget to add your child’s name to the whiteboard on the blue chair if you think they are ready to for the next set. We revise these during the week in class through identifying in different texts, games during rotations and writing.

Integrated learning
You may receive a set of ‘interview’ questions for the father of the family to complete with your child. If he is away or unavailable this is completely fine, and it is not urgent nor compulsory to complete. We have been discussing how stories are passed on through generations during our topic of past, present, and future. We are also combining our learning about ‘celebrations around the world’ with upcoming Father’s Day.  
NB. If you child doesn’t bring one home they will do so in another week, the two PP classes are split for our integrated sessions Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. After this week, the groups will swap, beginning science topics with Mrs Leahy and the other with myself in HASS.
We have already had some amazing sock puppets created! Thank you to those that have bought a sock in.

Mission Market
A reminder to parents that PPB and PPL are responsible for the cake stall at the Mission Markets on Wednesday.
Please bring your home baked, single serve, baking into the wet area on Wednesday Morning.
We will require one more parent helper between 11am and 12.30 pm. Please let us know if you can help.
All children will need up to $5 in change to spend on the day and a recyclable bag with their name on it to stash the goodies they purchase. Please place their money in a zip lock bag with their name on it. 

We hope you have an enjoyable week.
Kind regards,
Mrs Nottle

Sewing Mums!

This week we have painted some Snugglepot and Cuddlepie dolls.  I now need a mum or couple of mums with a sewing machine and some spare time to sew them up.  Once this has been done I will need some mums to stuff the dolls and sew up the opening used to stuff them.  Does this sound like you?  Please let me know ASAP if you can help. 

Mrs Birch 

Monday, 6 August 2018

Talk 4 Write - Story Map Oral Retell

Talk for writing is part of our literacy program, benefits of this programme include the development of oral language and the identification of the sequence of a story. Students are learning a very 'Aussie' text There Was an Old Bloke who Swallowed a Chook by P Crumble and they have been practicing it each day, aloud, as a whole class complete with actions. One of our literacy activities were aimed to retell the story using diagrams and words, this is called a Story Map. Today we are sending home this completed Story Map activity. Please ask you child about the text and see if they can retell the story in order using their Story Map.

Many Thanks
Mrs Nottle

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Week 4.

Mission Markets HELP PLEASE!
Our annual OLC Mission Markets will be held on  Wednesday 15th August. 
PPB and PPL will be organising the cake stall.  We ask that all parents bake single serve items to sell at the cake stall.  Cup cakes, chocolate crackles, honey joys, pieces of slice and fruit sticks are always popular. Please remember that we are a NUT FRIENDLY school.  
All baking will need to be delivered to the Wet Area by 9am on the morning of the 15th. 
Will will require two parents to assist with set up and sales between 11am and 12 noon.  Please let us know if you can help. 

Our rosters have quite a few gaps.  If you are able to help then please do so. 

Thank you! Thank you! ... for the lovely birthday gift I received last Thursday. It was a great surprise and made me feel very loved!  The cupcakes were extremely yummy and much appreciated!  The children loved them too! I am a very lucky teacher. XX 

Have a great week.
Julie Birch 

From Mrs Nottle.

Welcome to Week 4 – this Term is going to zoom by quickly, and the children have been working  hard already to produce  amazing work across all learning areas. We have particularly been impressed by the effort and concentration during numeracy, literacy and the talent shown in visual arts.


We have been really wanting children to cement their  1- 20 ordering, counting and correct number formation. This is practiced with a lot of hands on activities which involve counting on from any number, counting backwards and recognising  numbers presented visually in several different ways. Last week we investigated to find out about the  classes Favourite Australian Animals. We surveyed the class and produced a class tally to organise our data.   This revealed that the Koala was the most popular Australian Animal.   We also practiced using talleys when counting some of the collections of objects in our classroom like  jellybeans, sparkles and pompoms. The children were extremely engaged in these activities and had a lot of fun!


We have begun the introduction of the digraphs sh, ch and th.  Sharing a Shell is a favourite shared story, and we have an area at the back of the classroom which explores this text, including a rock pool, words associated with the text and artwork made by the children. This area is for students to use in gathering time to concrete their recognition of the ‘sh’ sound. See if your child can use ‘sh’ in a word with you.

After writing amazing reports on Koalas we were very lucky to have the Year 5 and 6 students come and visit and assist the children in creating a poster of facts about the Koala using picollage. We have printed these, and will display them to show this amazing student learning. The children  were all so very proud of their creations. The Year 6 students will visit our classroom each Friday to assist with using an iPad to create a document of facts.   This  activity will be used to consolidate the week's learning each Friday and is a great way to integrate our literacy skills and technology learning.

During our integrated afternoons some of the students have been learning about our olden days, and learning to define  the past, present and future. We have had old pennys, and a 1 dollar note bought in to show.  A record player, an old ink pot and a tape measure .  These interesting items are promoting a strong interest in  the ‘olden days’.  Thank you so much to the parents who have sent them in. 
We are going to make sock puppets, and would love if you can please bring one white sock into the class for the students in the next week.

Please have a look at our roster to see if you can assist in our classroom one morning. Your help is certainly appreciated and the students love it!

Kind regards,  Mrs Nottle

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Photo post

Here are some great photos that show some of the amazing work and play the children are experiencing. 

Fynn brought in 100 buttons to share.  All colour coded and added to a string in groups of 10. 
We have been learning that we can count to 100 by 10s. 

The GIANT UNO was a winner with the boys! 

In HASS we are looking at our personal history and the celebrations we may have had. 

These busy little people are sorting pictures of objects into groups of 'past' and 'present'.
There was some amazing conversations that came out of this activity. 

The Pioneer Village Learning Centre has lots of dress ups.... and they are loving it!

The girls got down to the serious business of cooking the dinner and having a chat over the fire. 

What's that?  A record player! How does it work?

Using the forces of push, pull and roll to work on a construction site. 

We love learning in PPB!

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

PMP and classroom rosters...... Help please

Help! Help! Help!

Please put your name on our PMP roster if you can help.  We really need your support. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Week Three

Reading Eggs

Today an envelope containing a letter of instruction for the online reading programme 'Reading Eggs' and  a log in card was sent home with your child.
Please read the letter. Most children have completed their placement test at school.  However a few have not yet done this.  If you are prompted to do a placement test then please allow your child to do this. Do not assist your child as it is important that they do this alone in order to ensure that the lessons presented to them in the future suit their learning needs. Once the placement test is completed the programme automatically places them at a lesson level.  
It is important that your child can hear the prompts. If possible a pair of ear phones would be very beneficial.  
Please do not assist your child in answering questions and completing tasks other than to give them operation input in regard to your computer or iPad. 

Mrs Nottle

Mrs Nottle has made a wonderful start to her full time teaching Prac.  She is building a great rapport with the children and planning meticulously for her lessons. She has put a lot of thought into setting up engaging Learning Centres and the children are enjoying their learning with her. 


This term the PMP roster can be found on the main Parent Help Roster.  On the Thursdays there are the numbers 1 and 2  Please put your name by one of these numbers.  A third person is always helpful. The time frame for PMP is Thursday 1.30pm - 3pm. 

Dont forget to put your name on the general Parent Help Roster. 

Parent Pride

Mrs Nottle has placed a Parent Pride bag on the table near the Parent Communication book.  If you are feeling proud about something you have seen your child do that is testament to the learning they have been doing then please write a note on a post it and put it on or in the brown paper bag.  

Don't forget to send in any interesting items from the 'Olden Days' that you may have. The things that we have seen so far have started the most amazing conversations. 

Tea Towel Fundraiser. 
Below is the note that was sent home last week about the annual Tea Towel Fundraiser. This is not compulsory but if you would like to order one, they need to be ordered by Friday August 24th.