Tuesday, 3 March 2015

PPB. Busy... Busy... Busy...

We are Busy Little Beavers!
 It is hard to believe these little people have only been at school for four short weeks. 
This last week has again been filled with work and play.  
The children have settled very well into Pre Primary routines and are now showing us how well they can work. 

 Each day is filled with hands on activities.  The children are given opportunity to engage in learning activities that stem from their personal interests. 
 P P P  Pancake and P. J.  Day was a great hit with everyone.  Our pancakes were extra yummy and we we would like to thank Georgia and Justin for sharing their mums who helped out on the day with the cooking. 
How many things can you see in our photograph that begin with the sound... 'p' ?

In literature we read the lovely story of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  We loved it!  It teaches us a great lesson about being happy when we share.  After reading this we talked about the times when we need to share and how it feels nice when we do. Later on we made some beautiful Rainbow Fish. 
We have continued to work on our S A T P I N letters.  Mrs Birch would like us all to be recognising these letters and saying their sound.  Next week we will move on to the next set of letters. 
Numbers are all around us.  We have talked about some of the places we find numbers and what we use them for.  It is fun to count things and our 1 - 1 correspondence and recognition of the number symbols is improving every day. 
Science is always great fun.  Especially when we are experimenting.  Last week we found objects from around the classroom and experimented to see if they float.  We had to predict what we thought would happen first. Did you know that ice floats?
A reminder to parents please to put their name on the parent help roster which is located on the window just inside the classroom door.