Wednesday, 1 April 2015

We love science! Floating and Sinking.

This term we have been experimenting to find out which objects and materials float and which ones sink. Before testing each item we predicted what the outcome would be.  It was great fun and cool work for the hot afternoons. 
Later on we made boats out of corks, elastic bands, toothpicks and paper.  We sailed our boats down the Kindy stream.  We loved this activity.

Last week Georgia asked, " Where are all the flowers?"
We looked and looked but couldn't find any.   So, this week we have planted Sweet Peas and   Some bulbs.  Did you know that Daffodil bulbs are often used as a symbol of New Life at Easter? 

Now all we have to do is wait!

Easter is a very special time at OLC.   We have listened to the Easter story, sequenced the pictures and watched the big kids present their liturgies. 
Easter crafts are so good to make. Our bonnets.....which we made all by ourselves...... Will be on display tomorrow after the liturgy.  We have done some printmaking to complete an Easter Bunny design, made our own baskets and coloured eggs. 
Mrs Birch would like to wish everyone a very happy and very safe Easter.  Please take the time to remember Jesus and celebrate his New Life on Sunday.