Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                   
Welcome back.  It was wonderful to see all of your beautiful children today.  They were very settled and happy to be back in the classroom with their friends and teachers. There was lots of sharing and caring going on in the playground as we enjoyed this wonderful sunshine this morning.
We have had the skipping ropes out and today we used the long rope and counted how many skips we could do.  The children were excited to achieve their personal best scores and we celebrated each other’s achievements. It was a great counting activity too! Our best score so far is 16.
Our underlying theme this term will be Fairy Tales.  We will also look at Fables and some great modern classics.  As always, we will follow the children’s interests whilst ensuring that we are covering the expectations of the Australian Curriculum for the Foundation year.
A few important reminders:
1.       Parent Teacher Interviews will be held next week.  There will be a roster attached to the parent information wall as from tomorrow. Please put your name down in a time slot that suits you.  Make note of this time to ensure your attendance.  If you have had a parent teacher interview in the last few weeks of last term then see me and we will schedule you for a little later in the term. These interviews may be 3 way with your child in attendance or just between parent and teacher.  This is your choice as a parent.  It is preferable that siblings are not present but I fully understand if this is not possible and we will keep them busy whilst we talk. Interviews are strictly ten minutes.  If more time is required we will reschedule you for later in the term.
2.       Parent Roster.  It is of high importance to have a parent helper each morning from 9am – 11am.  Please put your name on the roster which is on the parent information window.
3.       Fruit.  There were a few days last term when there was insufficient fruit to feed all of the children.  Please make sure that you send in at least one piece of fruit each day.  Crackers and popcorn are always welcomed.  A reminder too to make sure your child has eaten a good breakfast before school. 
4.       Literacy.  I would expect by this stage of the year that all children recognise the symbols and give the sound for the first two sets of letters covered  s a t p i n   and  h e r m d e c.  If your child is not recalling these then a pack of letter cards will be sent home for further practise as well as small group work in the classroom.  Games like “Eye spy” where children need to identify initial sounds in words are a great help to the development of Phonemic Awareness.  Our next set of letters is  g l f o u b .
5.       Over the next week please get your child’s pillow and take it home for a wash.  If your child has a large pillow then please exchange it for a small one.
6.       You may wish to take your child’s hat for a wash too.  Please make sure it is returned the very next day.  The best option is to take them over the weekend.
7.       A reminder that library day is Tuesday.  Please make sure that your child has their library bag on Tuesdays.
Thank you for your continued support.

Julie Birch and the PPB team.