Sunday, 10 May 2015

Parent Help Roster. Starting Time. PLD. Comprehension Packs. Labels.

Parent Help Roster
The Parent Help Roster is very important to the smooth running of a Pre Primary classroom.  Having a parent on roster allows for increased small group activities and frees our Education Assistants up to be more actively involved in the children's learning.
So far this year parent attendance for rosters has not been strong.  There are many days when parents have either not put a name down or simply failed to show when their name was on the list.  This is quite frustrating from a teaching perspective as it means that lessons have to reorganised at short notice.
Having been a working parent myself I fully understand the difficulty of "fitting in" a roster session. If this is the case then come and see me and we may be able to find an alternative time for you to come in.  If every parent covers at least one morning session a term then it  is of great benefit for your children. If there is not a parent on roster then volunteering to cut up fruit during gathering time can be of great assistance.
Start Time.
I would also ask that parents make sure that they drop their child to school before 8.50 am.  Some families are not getting to school until after 9 am.  This is disruptive and unsettling for your children.
PLD Comprehension Packs. 
PLD Comprehension Packs went home last Friday.  Please follow the instructions on the card provided. Remember, you will need to read this book to your child and discuss the story well before tackling the questions.  PLD Comprehension Packs must come in on Tuesday mornings (or before) and be put into the trolley which has been set up.  The books are exchanged on a roll over basis.  If you do not return your child's book then the next child on the list will miss out.
There are still quite a few lovely new rugby tops without names!  It is hard work tracking down the owners of these tops.  Please ensure that all items of clothing and general property (especially water bottles) are clearly labelled with your child's name.

Thank you all for your support on these matters,
Julie Birch.