Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Don't Forget ABC Day Tomorrow

We Know our
Celebration Day.
We have now completed the introduction of all letter sounds and symbols.  We will continue to practise and review them but would like to celebrate the fact that we are well on the way to one of our first big achievements at school.
We will do this on Thursday June the 11th.
The children are to select their favourite letter and come to school wearing something that reflects that letter choice.  Please don’t go to a huge amount of trouble with the costume, simple is often best; however, I would ask that you please avoid super hero costumes and be a little creative.  I would also like the children to bring to school on the day a piece of poster paper, A3 or larger, with pictures cut from magazines, photographs and or objects glued to it that will become the prop for a short presentation they will give on their letter on the day. In short each child should be able to give about 10 examples of words which have their letter as an initial sound.
We will have a shared morning tea, so please bring a plate in before school and leave it on the marked table in the wet area. I would like two helpers on roster that day.
Thanks for your cooperation,

Julie Birch.