Thursday, 11 June 2015

Giving children the best start for literacy – speaking and listening skills. Spelling.

 I am thrilled with the way your children are taking off with their reading and spelling.  I am sure that you will be being bombarded with questions and requests for help at home so I have attached two P.L.D. video clips to give you a few strategies to work with.

Traditional picture book reading is beneficial for children. However, when children become the story-teller, their vocabulary and oral language will expand at a much greater rate. This will give your child strength in formulating their own stories in the future. 
Watch the clip and see how this can be implemented within the home. Click on the link below.
Please note, the child in the video is younger than your children in Pre Primary, but the same basic principle applies. 

Tips for spelling with your child.
The words demonstrated in this clip contain diagraphs (One sound made with two letters), You can use this strategy with CVC words.  E.g.  c - a - t

Spelling. Junior Primary.