Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wonderful Learning in PPB

The children of PPB have been hard at work and play over the last few weeks. They are blossoming into an amazing group of little people who are willing to take risks with their learning and "have a go" at new things.
In English we have been reading some classic fairy tales and learning about some of the language conventions associated with them.  
Did you know that nearly every fairy tale begins with ........
Once upon a time.....      
And ends with ........ 
Happily ever after!
However, there are some exceptions to the rule like The Gingerbread Man who didn't have quite such a happy ending. 
We introduce our fairly tales by sharing a Big Book.  This way the children can see the pictures and the text.  We have been working on developing our understandings and concepts of text. Where are the words? Where does the reader begin to read?  Which way do we go when we read? What is the difference between letters and words?  We also look at the use of capital letters for Proper Nouns and sentence beginnings.  Full stops tell the reader to take a breathe and speech marks help the reader to know when to use character voice.  
We have brainstormed adjectives to describe characters in these stories. Did you know the troll in Three Billy Goats Gruff is scary, mean and angry to begin with and then a bit scared and silly himself at the end of the story?

We also look at different versions of the same story and compare the similarities and differences.

The e book version of each story is well worth a look at too.  Many e books highlight the individual words as the story is read giving students a good idea of the left to right sweep for reading. 
Sometimes we get to watch short video versions on Thursdays. 

In mathematics we have revisited sorting and counting. We know it is important to touch each object so we don't count the same things twice. 

Subitization is when we look at a dot pattern and know how many it is without counting all the dots.  We have been playing board games that use dice to develop this skill. This week we decided to find out how many times each number on the dice would come up out of 20 throws. We arranged our data on a table and even made a tally.  Clever little cookies aren't we?

We learnt the letter 'v' and made volcanoes in science. It was great fun!  We even had red larva!
Next week we will finish learning all of the letters so we are going to have an ALPHABET CELEBRATION DAY on Thursday the 11th June. The children will pick a favourite letter and dress accordingly.  We will have a special morning tea to help celebrate.  A more detailed note will follow next week. 
Mrs Birch