Thursday, 2 July 2015

End of the Term Already! Getting Ready for Term Three.

Thank you to all parents for your ongoing support with all that we do in PPB.
I continue to be astounded by the progress these little people are making.... academically, socially and in their overall maturity. They are all true little treasures and an absolute pleasure to teach.

I hope that you all have relaxing and fun filled holidays. I know the children are all very tired and need a good break. (Parents and Teachers too!)

Next term the children will be taking home readers.  Each child will require a waterproof bag to keep their home reader in. You may recall the one I displayed at the Parent Information Evening at the beginning of the year.   Home readers will not be issued unless a waterproof bag is provided.
The children will also receive a set of Sight Word Cards so that they can begin to learn the all important Sight Words.  Notes explaining the best use of both readers and Sight Words will go home in Week One of Term Three.  I will also be hosting an information evening about Home Reading. This will occur in Week Three with the date to be announced in Week One.

I would like some parents to volunteer to assist with the reader exchange. This will involve some brief training with Mrs Kemp on how to use the scanner and manning the "Exchange Centre" for a morning each week. Please see me if you can help.

Please make sure you return your child's hat and pillow.  Washed and ready for use.  If your child still has a large pillow please swap it for a small one.

Reports will be issued today.  If you are absent then your report will go into the mail.

This is the first time your child will receive a 'formal' report. Please remember that each child is a unique individual.  Your child's Learning Journey will differ from other classmates and even from that of their siblings. It does not pay to compare. Should you wish to discuss your child's report you can make an appointment to see me early next term.

If you have some spare time over the holidays then encourage your child to keep practising the recall of their initial sounds.  They are easily forgotten if not used and they need to be able to recall all sounds quickly to continue their progress in reading and writing.
If you are going to be going on a long drive for a holiday play eye spy and don't forget to count.... count the red cars, the blue cars ..... count the green signs,.... count the cows and calves..... count any thing that grabs their attention.  How far can you count?
You may like to keep a diary..... let your child write!

Have fun and travel safely,
Julie Birch.