Saturday, 15 August 2015

Some Important Information.

Dear Parents,
We have a few things coming up that I would like you to be aware of.
1.   School Photos. These will occur on September the 10th and 11th.  Please make sure that your child’s school uniform is complete for this occasion and that haircuts and hairdos are neat and tidy. Check uniform guidelines if you are unsure.
2.    Mass.  On Wednesday the 26th of August PPB will walk with their buddies to the church to attend Mass.  The children will be partnered off with their Year 3 buddies whilst walking and teachers and assistants will be supervising the children along the way. Parents are welcome to attend the Mass which begins at 9.30am. If your child has not attended Mass very often it may be an idea to take them to a Sunday Mass beforehand so that they have an idea about what Mass in the Church is like.
3.    Book Week Dress up Day.  Wednesday the 2nd of September is Book Week Dress up Day.  Your child can dress up in theme or as a favourite book character.  Super heroes are strongly discouraged.  Please refer to the school newsletter for further information.
4.    PPB  Mini Prayer Assembly.  We have been lucky enough to have been allotted the Father’s Day mini prayer assembly.  This will be on Friday the 4th of September.  For this occasion I would ask that you send in a photograph of your child with their father doing something together that they enjoy (surfing, fishing, building cubbies etc.).  Close up pics with cuddles would be great!  Please send this in by the end of this week.  Email it to ... Our BIG assembly will be in Term Four.
     Please try and make sure that Dad can attend the mini assembly. 
5.    Excursion.  I am in the process of booking an excursion for week 9.  A detailed letter will follow in the next fortnight.
6.    Home Reading Information Session.  I haven’t forgotten this! Next Monday the 24th of August is it! 7.00pm in PPB.  This will be a short information session to iron out any early issues with the home reading process and with the aim of having parents leave feeling confident and empowered to assist their child to learn to read.
7.    Professional Development.  I have to be in Bunbury on Tuesday the 18th of August to attend a Key Teacher Literacy Day.  These PDs are a wonderful way of gleaning new ideas to bring back to all of the teachers at OLC.  Mrs Sorgiovanni will be teaching.  On August the 26th Mrs Murphy and I will be attending a PD at Scotch College in Perth.  This day is focused on the development of writing skills throughout the school. Importantly, it will give us extra ideas as to how  to set up our little people for success in their future learning. Once again Mrs Sorgiovanni will endeavour to take the class. Please remember that in my absence all lessons are left to ensure continuity to your child’s learning.
Each and every day I am continued to be amazed by the learning that is taking place in this classroom.  These beautiful little people continue to blossom and share their new learning with me each day. Their natural curiosity and willingness to take risks and have a go at new learning is a delight to observe.
Julie Birch