Sunday, 30 August 2015

Father's Day is coming....

It is our mini assembly this Friday and we will be taking time to recognise the importance of fathers in our lives.  Whilst I fully understand that some dads will be away at work I would urge all available dads to please make every effort to be there.  Grandfathers are welcome too!

As there is a whole school Father's Day BBQ Breakfast planned for that Friday morning we wont be doing an in class activity with our fathers. It would be fabulous to see all of our wonderful dads at the breakfast.

Thank you to all parents that sent their photographs in on time.  It was really appreciated.

A reminder too, that school photographs are on Thursday and Friday of next week.  Please check hair cuts and uniform condition.

Don't forget that it is reader exchange day on TUESDAY and THURSDAY.  Please put your child's reading folder in the red box on those mornings.

The second set of sight words have been handed out.  Please practise them.

Have a lovely week,

Julie Birch