Thursday, 20 August 2015

Our Amazing Visit from the Vet... Pearl's beautiful mummy!

Here is a little peek at the visit we had from Pearl's mum who is a vet. The children learnt about how to care for their pets and got to meet some beautifully behaved dogs and a lovely rabbit. 
Some lucky kids got to dress up as vets and vet nurses.  They listened to the dogs heart using a stethoscope, looked at the dogs teeth and talked about how to look after their pets  and look for signs of sickness. 
Sadly I was away on the day of the visit but I didn't miss out on much information because the next day the class told me EVERYTHING they had learnt.  They all loved the visit. Thank you so much to Sophie for organising such a valuable learning session for our little people! 
Thank you too to the lovely vet nurses who came along to help. 
By the way......  Mrs Sorgiovanni and Mrs Young said the children were very good listeners :)