Monday, 15 February 2016

Week Three Already!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Today your child received a news roster. On the back of the roster is a list detailing the topics to be discussed during Sharing (or News) Time.  You can support your child by finding props that they can refer to while they share.  If it is an object that requires a description brainstorm some ways of describing the object. Colour, shape, design, origin, purpose etc.  You can email pictures to me or glue pictures on a piece of card. There will be a box above the drawers to keep our special news items in. Please make sure that special things are labelled and that fragile items are wrapped in tissue and placed into a plastic container. Always check what they choose to bring in. ( I once had a  very valuable diamond ring brought in! )

Week 3 Learning Intentions.
Literacy Focus.
1.  Revision of  s a t p i n.   Your child should be recognising these symbols and saying the sound associated with the symbol. They are the yellow cards that you were given at the parent night.
2.  Introduction of the letter c. Monday and Tuesday.  Introduction of the letter h on Wednesday and Thursday. Introduction of the letter r on Friday.
3.  Revision of Conventions of Text.  Reading the pictures.  Locating the text.
4.  Prediction of a books content after looking at the cover.

Numeracy Focus. 
1.  Continuation of counting to 10.  Number order.
2.  Counting with one - to - one correspondence.
3.  Exploration of the numbers 4 and 5.
4. Formation of the numbers 4 and 5.
5. Recognition of subitization  patterns (ie.  Dot patterns on dice)
6. Measurement using arbitrary units. Length.  Capacity.

 Social Skills.

1.  Manners.  Saying please and thank you.
2.  Cooperating with our friends.  Taking turns.  Waiting for a turn.
3.  Putting our hands up when we wish to speak on the mat.