Monday, 1 February 2016


Dear PPB parents of 2016,

We would like to welcome you to the PPB Blog.  This page will be used to keep you updated with what is happening in our classroom.  You will be informed of updates via emails.

Our first day was fantastic.  Your children were charming, well behaved and attentive. We are looking forward to the year ahead with them.

Today we got settled, talked about our routines, explored our new classroom and surroundings and worked to establish friendships. We got started straight away with our initial sound review. Today and tomorrow the letter S will be investigated.  On Wednesday and Thursday we will be focusing on the letter A.  It is important the the children can hear the sound of the letter and identify it in words.
We will give you more information on this very soon.
We will also be reviewing counting with 1 - 1 correspondence to 10 and number symbol recognition over the next two weeks.

Some reminders for tomorrow.
1.  Please bring in a piece of fruit and place it in the blue bowl at the door before school begins.
2.  Your child will require a water bottle every day.
3.  Your child's hat must be kept at school, in their drawer.  It does not go home until the end of term.
4.  Every child will require a small cushion for rest time.  The smaller the better.  Definitely no pillows please.
5.  If the weather is still cool tomorrow please pack your child's rugby top.
6.  Please clearly label all items of clothing, water bottles and other possessions.

Thank you all for your support to help make this a great start to Preprimary for your little people.

I will post some photographs of your children in action very soon.


Julie Birch on behalf of the PPB Teaching Team.