Tuesday, 8 March 2016

On-entry Assessment Program

This week I will be carrying out the On-entry Assessment Program. A letter explaining this process was handed out at the Parent Information Meeting in Week 2.
This assessment has been formulated to further inform teachers of the learning needs of their Pre-primary students and gives us a reference point from which to measure growth in individuals in the future. Students in both private and state schools are tested using this format.  As a teacher I value the information this testing provides me with for future planning. The opportunity to spend time with each individual student in and 1 - 1 setting is rare and the children usually enjoy the full attention of their teachers and the variety of activities they are presented with.  If you have any concerns or questions please email me.
This means that I will be out of the classroom on Thursday and Mrs Sorgiovanni will be teaching. I will also be testing on Friday this week. On the days that I am absent from the classroom I leave my normal planning for relief teachers to ensure continuity in the children's learning.
I will also be absent on Thursday the 17th of March in order to attend a Key Teacher of Literacy meeting in Bunbury.