Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Week 5. Lots of Learning.

It is beautiful to see how well PPB have settled into their learning routines. The children are completing a large amount of learning tasks each day and enjoy the balance of play based learning and explicit teaching.

We have completed our first two sets of letters,
These letters still need regular review.
We are now working on our third set,
Please take the time to practise these with your letter cards at home.  Remember we don't use the letter names, we use the sounds. The children must know the sound for each symbol in order to blend and segment words in early reading and writing. 
We continue to talk about the stories we read and explore higher levels of questioning and thinking. 
When reading rhyming texts we allow the children to predict the rhyming words in keeping with the meaning of the text. 
Lacing L's.  Fine motor development combined with initial sound recognition. 
Friendly fish.  Initial sound and letter formation activity.
Goggles.  Initial sound and sensory activity. 

We have been working on counting, one to one correspondence, number recognition and number order. We have also sorted, counted and ordered groups of objects.  We us terms such as greater than and less than and more and less. 

Continuing on with our Inquiry into floating and sinking we observed oil and ice after predicting whether they would float or sink. The results were surprising. In the photograph below you can see that the blue water is under the oil.  However ..... The frozen blue water 'ice burg' floats on the oil. Amazing! 
Oil spots floating on red water.

Engaging in and promoting Imaginative Play.
Kai and Liam found evidence of Drop Bears in our play ground!
There was Drop Bear Wee running down the tree and scratch marks on the bark.
Perhaps the Drop Bears were camouflaged among the leaves.  

Science and Religious Education.

Using our gift of the sense of smell to make predictions.  
What was in the mystery jars?  Ask your child?  Some of them were very tricky. 

Olivia receiving our Star Citizen Award. 


Please remember library bags and comprehension packs for tomorrow (Wednesday).

Please send a piece of fruit every day and if you miss a day send two pieces the next day.

Please pack your child's rugby top on cooler days. 

Please place your name on the parent help roster. 


Julie Birch