Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Alphabet Revision. Preparing for Reading.

Our focus last term was the recall of the sounds and the recognition of the symbols of the letters of the Alphabet.  We have moved on this term to onset and rime and and will begin blending and segmenting consonant,vowel, consonant words.
However, it is really important that we keep reviewing the initial sounds.  It is quite normal for children to forget some of their learning so I urge parents to use the revision homework packs regularly. If your child is recalling all the sounds of the letters, then see if they can write the letters you call out to them.  The last step is learning the letter names.  We will keep working on these everyday in class too.
Below is a video by Dianna Rigg who is the creator of the  PLD  programme that we follow here at OLC.  It clearly highlights the sounds of each letter.

You may have noticed that we are beginning the next step to Prepare For Reading in class. The children love completing their onset and rime activities.  We have been brainstorming word families and we have been calling the children's attention to the vowel sounds.
As it is difficult for children to hear and blend three sounds in a word, we begin with two.   The word cat is presented as c -at and the children are asked to blend the two sounds to make cat.  At this time we look at any other words which  fit into the -at family.  Later in the term we will break up the word into three sounds and blend (or 'zip up) the letters to make a word.  Dianna Rigg explains this process clearly in the video below. 

Please remember.....   Your little people will be very tired when they get home.  We do not expect them to do hours of 'homework'.  Ten minutes should be plenty. You may choose to do a game one night, reading eggs on another, PLD Comprehension Pack on another.  When your child fatigues or looses interest please stop.

And yes..... there are some children who will never like doing school work at home... so...
Here is a fun little video to help keep your child's focus when reviewing alphabet sounds.
Part One.
Part Two.

More to come....