Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fairy Tale Day and End of Term updates.

Fairy Tale Day

On Thursday the 30th of June, the PrePrimary students will be celebrating the conclusion of their studies based on Fairy Tales by having a Fairy Tale Day.
Please dress your child in the costume of their favourite fairy tale character on the day. Keep the costumes simple but do try to be a little creative in order to get the children thinking.
We would also ask that your child brings in a fairy tale book to share.  Please make sure these books are clearly labelled. 
Many thanks for supporting your child’s learning,
PrePrimary Teachers.

Grandparents Day
Grandparents are invited to join us in the classroom on Wednesday the 29th of June and participate in some shared activities with their grandchildren. Please let us know if your child's grandparents will be attending this day by indicating on the list on the parent information board in the classroom.  A knowledge of numbers will assist our planning of activities. 
Please see the newsletter for a full timetable. 

Shared Lunch

A note has been sent home explaining that PPB and PPL will join together for a shared lunch on Wednesday the 29th of June.  This activity is part of our Religious Education programme. 

End of Term

If you are taking your child early for school holidays then please let us know.  An absentee note must be filled out and handed in to the office. 
Hats and pillows will be sent home for a wash on the last day of term.  If your child's pillow is large then please swap it for a small one as storage is a problem.


All children will receive a report on the last day of school this term. Please check your child's bag for this report when they return home. 
A reminder to parents that all children are unique and achieve at different rates.  It is best not to compare your child to others.  
If you would like to discuss this report then please feel free to make a booking for a parent teacher interview in weeks one and two of term three.

Mrs Sorgiovanni - Long Service Leave

Mrs Sorgiovanni will be taking Long Service Leave next term.  We wish her a most relaxing and enjoyable break.  We will certainly miss her and look forward to seeing her again in term four. 
Her replacement will be announced shortly. 

Coughs and Colds

If your child is unwell then please keep them at home until they recover.  Fever and phlegm filled coughs are good indicators that some extra TLC is required. Don't forget to pack Rugby jumpers.  It can get very cold outside when we eat our fruit and lunch. 

Toilet Issues.

Despite regular toilet breaks and reminders we have had a few accidents over the last couple of weeks. It must be the cold weather! If you know that your child is prone to the odd accident then please pack a change of underwear. 

Stay tuned for some photographic updates over the next few days.  The children have been doing some amazing learning and we are all very proud of them.  

Julie Birch