Monday, 27 June 2016

Our Clever Little People.

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about celebrations in the lead up to discussions on the Last Supper and Eucharist.
Today we looked at this beautiful art work.  It was displayed on the Smart Board and therefore was large and eye catching. I would like to share with you some of the comments the children came up with.

That must be God in the wait... we cant see God so it must be Jesus.

Jesus is holding up some bread.  This is like Father Ian in the Church.
There's wine too.  Its in the thing with handles.  That's a tin glass.  No its a gomnet.  (We helped them to the word Goblet).

The knife is different to ours.  It must be old. 

Why is there an orange on the table?  (We couldn't figure that one out but there must be a reason).

What's the big pan and jug for?  Washing feet.  Why did they wash feet?  (Because they were dirty of course!) There was only dirt on the road and they wore sandals. 

The bread is broken up and shared out with all the men. Except the one in yellow on the stool. He didn't want it.  He didn't want to share. It must be Judas.  He is turning away from Jesus.  His face is angry.  He hasn't got a nice face like the other men.  There is something in his hand too.  Its a hammer.  No its not... Its a bag.  I know!....  Its a money bag.  (They all broke out in song ' Judas.. Judas... What have you done?...)

There are circle things on their heads.  They are headbands.  No headbands are for girls.
(Mrs Birch provided a bit of information on Haloes).
Judas doesn't have a 'Harlow'.  That's because God's light is not shining through him. He is bad ..
What are the words in the Halo?
By magnifying the image we could make out the Latin version of their names.  Mrs Birch had a blank on one of the names so we had to search Google and find out all 12 names.

All 16 children sat still for 15 minutes and were totally engaged with the conversations and mesmerized by the art work.

Perhaps the great art gallery's of the world should employ 5 year old's to analyse their artworks.

Don't forget to send a small plate on Wednesday so that we can get together with PPL and have a shared lunch.

Julie Birch