Monday, 31 October 2016

Chinese Lunch Wednesday the 2nd of November, 2016.

This note went home last Friday.  If you did not get one then check your child's bag and drawer at school. I have placed spare copies on the parent information board in the classroom.  
Please return your money and permission slip tomorrow.  (Tuesday)

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday the 2nd of November all Pre primary students will be travelling, by bus, to the the Dunsborough Chinese Restaurant to have lunch. This is very exciting as we have been reading stories set in China and have been learning about the culture.
There will be a set menu which will include spring rolls, fried rice and honey chicken.
This lunch is an important part of our learning programme this term and will allow the children to experience Chinese Cuisine and use chopsticks. (Forks and spoons will be provided in order to prevent starvation!)
It is expected that children will also use appropriate table manners and participate in group conversations whilst sitting at the table. 
If you know that your child may not eat Chinese food or has any allergies that would be of concern in this setting then please see your classroom teacher. 
The owners at the restaurant have kindly offered to provide this food at the very reasonable price of $7 a head.  Please send this money in by Tuesday the 1st of November along with the completed permission to travel form below.
The school will cover the cost of the bus.

Thank you for supporting our Learning in Preprimary,
Preprimary Teachers. 

I ­­­____________________________give permission for my child  ____________________________  to travel by bus to the Dunsborough Chinese Resaurant on Wednesday the 2nd of November.

Signed  ________________________   Date  _____________________________