Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Magical Mathematics.

We are off and racing with a magical start to our mathematics learning this term. We have been learning how to use MABs to represent numbers to 20 and beyond.  It's lots of fun.  

This week we have been learning about sharing.  
First we Read a book by Pat Hutchins.  The Doorbell Rang.

Then we made a record of all the sharing that had to take place in the story to make sure that all the kids got to have some of the yummy cookies.  Some children knew about doing division sums which are really difficult and we wouldn't normally do until Year Two or Three! 

We pretended that gem stones were cookies and we counted out and shared them.  Every one had a turn at being mum and doing the sharing.  

Assembly rehearsals are going very well.  It is wonderful to work with PPL and share our performance assembly.  With both classes we actually have a bit of volume and it feels great when we are all on stage together.  
Remember to have your children at school no later than 8.40am on Friday... in a calm state.  See you then!

A very big thank you to the five beautiful mums who filled our Snugglepot and Cuddlepie dolls.  You did a great job.
I hope you all saw our display in the hall at the fete!