Monday, 13 February 2017

Learning Our Alphabet Sounds, Mathematicians and ..... some other snippets of information.

Good afternoon.  Each week we will endeavour to put some information on our PPB Blog site.  Today we have included a video from Diana Rigg.  In this video some tips are given about teaching the alphabet. Please take the time to watch this. The correct pronunciation of the letter is very important.  
So far we have covered S A T P in class. Tomorrow we will be doing I and on Wednesday we will focus on N.  On Thursdays and Fridays we will complete revision activities to ensure that all learning has been retained. 
It is important that the children can recognise these sounds at the beginning of a word.  Eg. What does sun begin with? S.  
A great idea is to lay out some familiar objects and to ask your child to find the objects which begin with the selected sound.  
The good old game of Eye Spy works a treat but please give your child the sound, not the letter name. 

The children are continuing to do a great job of settling into routines and familiarizing themselves with our learning environment. 
There has been some great learning happening in mathematics.  We have been subitising dot patterns. This means looking at an array of dots and giving the amount without counting each dot (to 10).  This is typically done using dice so .. this is a great time to drag out the board games.  Dominoes are a great way to subitise as well. 
We will review the numbers to 10 over the next few weeks.  We will look at numerals and how to correctly form them, the words for each number, how to use a ten frame to represent our numbers and we will enjoy some number stories. The children will sort and count objects and a strong emphasis will be put on 1 - 1 correspondence when counting. 

Here are some of today's mathematicians.  Their concentration was amazing and they loved this sorting and counting task. 

A big thank you for putting your name on the help roster.  It has made a huge difference having a mum or dad here each day.
A big applause to those parents who have taken the time to prepare their children for their sharing time. The children have been very confident to get up and share their five special things about themselves.... and we have learnt a lot about them. (Tomorrow it is Violet, Maddy and Alexis). 
If your child has been seeing a Speech Therapist or an Occupational Therapist... or any specialist support person can you please ensure that we have a copy of their latest reports.  
See you all tomorrow!
The PPB Teaching Team.