Monday, 6 February 2017


A big thank you to all parents for having your children so organised for the start of the year.  When everything runs smoothly for the children they are more likely to make a settled start to the school year.
We would request that all parents add their name to the parent help roster.  Your help is so important to the smooth running of our morning sessions.  The roster is located on the wall above the table  at the entrance to the classroom.
It would also help us if you can pre cut any fruit that does not go brown and place it in a clearly labelled air tight container.
A reminder that the Pre Primary Parent Information session will be held after school today.  There will be some staff on duty to watch children in the play ground however if you can make alternative arrangements it would be greatly appreciated. Please be aware that as we have to use outside space this year it may not be best for toddlers and small babies.