Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Week 5

It is hard to believe we are half way through first term!  The time seems to be flying.  
It has been so rewarding to see our little people settle to classroom routines and increasingly show their amazing listening skills and good manners.  

Star Citizen Awards
Two star citizen awards will be given at assembly on Friday.  The recipients of these awards are chosen for consistently displaying  school values and following classroom and playground rules.  This is a big ask for little people as they are still learning about self regulation and only just beginning to consider the needs of others above their own.  It is therefore a difficult job for staff to select these children.  Please be aware that these decisions are not made lightly. As the year progresses children may be selected for showing great improvement and initiative in these areas.  

Pencil Grip, Scissor Use and Fine Motor Skills. 
Please, please, please take the time to check your child's pencil grip when you are completing activities involving writing, drawing, colouring or painting. Tomorrow we will send home a copy of a poster showing correct pencil grip for both right and left handed children.  
Where possible spend time with your child writing, drawing and colouring.  
We have noted that many children find using scissors difficult.  If your child is one of these then make sure your put some paper and scissors onto their craft table at home. Cutting pictures out of old magazines is a great way to get them going.  We will certainly be doing a lot of fine motor activity here in the classroom throughout the rest of the year. 
You can help your child develop fine motor strength by encouraging them to use their hands and forearms. Cutting, modelling playdough and clay, making knots with sting, lego, duplo, mobilo and most crafty activities are great for this.  Don't for get to get outdoors.  Digging, climbing etc all involve hand strengthening actions.
By this time children should have a fair idea as to whether they are left or right handed.  If you have concerns about this with your child then please book a time to come and have a chat. 

On Entry Assessment
We are nearly finished!  One more day next Tuesday. Although it takes a long time it is a very worthwhile process.  Having the opportunity to work one to one with your children has been wonderful. I have learnt a lot about them in this time. Their strengths, their needs and a lot about their personalities. 

Ash Wednesday
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  The children will be involved in a prayer service to mark the day.  They will receive ashes on their forehead and we will discuss the significance of these.  Take some time to speak to your child about Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  What can they do for others during this time?

Thank you for the great fruit that has been coming in and also for the big effort parents are making to keep gathering time quiet and to move out quickly in the mornings. By this stage of the term I would recommend that parents leave quickly when we ring the bell, or even before the bell is rung, so that the children can come to the class circle easily.