Monday, 20 February 2017

Week Four.

On Entry Assessment.
This week, on Wednesday and Thursday, we will begin to administer to On Entry Assessment.  This Assessment is not a "test" but rather an opportunity to ascertain the depth of the student's knowledge across literacy and numeracy. The information we gain will assist us in the planning of literacy and numeracy learning that will meet the needs of individuals. Most of this assessment is administered on a one - to - one basis.  Your child will be taken to the library or staff room where it is quite to complete the task.  A relief teacher will be in the classroom.  Please be assured that when a relief teacher is present in the classroom all learning activities are written up and set up so as to continue on normal learning programmes. The assessments will continue on Wednesday and Thursday next week. Please try to ensure that your child is present at school on those days. If you have further questions then please refer to the information sheet in the pack you received at parent night or book a time to see Julie Birch.

Can your child write their name?
It is really important that all children can read and write their own name.  We have been completing in class activities to familiarise your children with the correct printing formations and sizing.  Later in the week we will send home some practise sheets for you to complete with your child. 

Fruit Time.
We knew it was Monday today as nearly every piece of fruit was an apple! Whenever possible please send in some interesting fruit for the children. Carrots, celery, cucumber, capsicum, oranges, sultanas and popcorn are always welcome.  

Library Bags.
Well done to all those parents who remembered to bring in library bags on Wednesday last week.  Remember..... no library bag.... no book. 

Sharing Roster. 
A reminder that on the bottom of the sharing roster is a list of topics for sharing.  This week and next week our topic is The Beach.  Please do not send in toys.  

Rest Time.
Quite a few children have brought in sleepy time toys.  Please do not send these in.  They are difficult to track down if they go missing.  There are plenty of clean, fresh washed toys here to cuddle if need be. 

We have just finished looking at s a t p i n.  Please be aware that these letters will have to be revisited constantly to ensure retention.  The children should be able to recognise the symbol, correctly form the sound, hear the sound at the beginning of a word and write the symbol.
This week and next week we will look at h e r m d e c.