Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Week 6

Gathering Time

Now that the children are settling into routine we would ask that parents leave before the bell that marks pack away time.  The room is simply not big enough for the amount of people that are coming through the door in the morning.  The noise levels are high and rather than calming for the children the classroom often becomes rather unsettling for some.  If your child is having detachment issues then stay for a little longer by all means however from what I can see 95% of the children are quite happy for parents to be on their way.  We don't mean to sound harsh and unwelcoming but know that it is in your children's best interests to begin the day quietly and calmly.  Thank you for cooperating on this one.

Parent Teacher Interviews.

Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Week Nine through out the whole school. All parents are expected to attend a meeting where information will be exchanged between parents and teachers about the students.  We have decided in Pre primary to begin this process a little earlier and will be asking parents to attend interviews as from Week 7.  A roster will be placed on the parent information board next week for you to put your name on.  Hopefully we will find times that suit everyone!

Alphabet Sounds.

Please keep reviewing your alphabet sound cards.  Your child should be recalling all the yellow and blue edged sounds.  They should be able to tell you the sound (not the name) of the letter and show you the action that is made when we say the sound.  
We began the green set this week and have covered g and l. 

Student Free Day

Please don't forget that next Monday is Student Free. 

Family Tree.

An outline of a family tree will be sent home.  Please work with your child to add as much information to this as you can.  You are welcome to add photographs (not good ones) of the people in the Tree and decorate it to make it a bit "special".