Saturday, 25 March 2017

Weeks Eight and Nine.

Parent Teacher Interviews
What a busy week it was last week... and this week will be too.  Thank you to all the parents who have already been in for Parent Teacher Interviews.  As teachers we very much respect the parents as their children's first educators and the parent teacher interviews allow for 'information exchange' so not only do the parents learn about how their children are going at school but the teachers learn about their students through the parents' eyes.  A very valuable experience. All parents have now responded and booked their interview time slot.  A reminder that if  the allotted 15 minutes is not long enough at the time we can book a further, longer time slot in week nine. 

Alphabet Celebration Day.
We have nearly finished reviewing all the letters of the alphabet.  This gives cause for a celebration!  
So on next Wednesday the 5th of April we will have our Alphabet Celebration Day.  
We ask parents to help the children to select their favourite letter of the alphabet ( we suggest that you guide them to one that they may have trouble recalling) and based on that letter do the following;
1. Come to school dressed up as something that begins with that letter.
2. Make a display poster about that letter.  This poster should have the letter clearly displayed and pictures on things that have that initial sound.  These pictures can be hand drawn, cut out from magazines or printed from the computer.  Labels can be written on the pictures.  You are welcome to include anything else on the poster that begins with that letter that you can find.  Eg.  If doing 's' a cliplock bag of seeds. The children should complete as much as this as possible themselves. 
If you need poster paper then ask Mrs Young or Mrs Birch. 

During the course of the day the children will have opportunity to describe their costume and their reasons for selecting that letter sound.  They will also present their poster and share what they have compiled.  

We will also need 6 parent helpers on the day. 9.00am - 11.00am let Mrs Birch know if you are available please. 

Ice burgs Ahoy!
On Wednesday this week, as part of our science investigation on  the sun, we will be building an iceburg.  Please freeze a 2 L icecream container of water (it can be coloured) and bring it in to school on Wednesday morning.  This will be so much fun for our little people!

Easter Egg Raffle
Every year at OLC we have an Easter Egg Raffle with all proceeds going towards the missions. This year the proceeds will go towards education in Timor. Please send in an Easter Egg or Rabbit to go into the raffle.  The more donations we receive the more chances there are that your little person will receive a prize (which they so love), that is of course if  Mrs Horrocks doesn't win them all!!!

Have a lovely week everyone.