Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Couple of Reminders.

Just a couple of little reminders to help keep our wonderful classroom, PPB, running smoothly....
Uniform.  We have noticed some items of uniform that are not of 'school issue'. All uniform clothing items should be those purchased from our school uniform shop.  Leggings and track suit pants other than our OLC ones are not acceptable.  All children should by now have an OLC rugby top.  These are to be worn. When the children take their rugby top off at school they are expected to place it straight into their school bag.  If by some chance they have put it into their drawers and they go home with out it, it is fine to wear another top into school but we ask that they change into their OLC rugby top straight away on arrival at school.  
Shoes should be predominately white. Socks should be purchased from the uniform shop. 
Every family has the occasional uniform emergency. Shoes left in a friends car... wet shoes.... mysteriously missing socks...lost rugby tops etc. If this happens, don't panic!.. Let us know and fix the situation as soon as you can.  Always check the box inside the double ECC doors if you have lost property.   
Hair needs to be cut above the collar for boys (and out of their eyes) and girls with long hair should have it tied back with black elastic bands or school scrunchies. They may wear a black headband and plane black/green clips. Please no coloured scrunchies, lacky bands, clips or ribbons. 

Parent Roster.  We are so thankful to the wonderful parents who support us by regularly helping on the parent roster. Your help to guide activities and games with our little people is very valuable. 
Should you observe behaviours or learning issues that you feel should be relayed to the classroom teacher then please do so discretely at the completion of the rotations. Whilst teachers are not at liberty to discuss other children with you, your observations will be listened to.  It is requested that you do not discuss your observations with other parents. 

Absentee Notes. It is necessary to supply an absentee note for all absences.  Word of mouth or a phone call are not sufficient.  A signed note that clearly states the date and reason for the absence is a legal requirement. Please ring the school absentee line before 9am if your child is going to be absent for the day.  Teachers are expected to regularly enter absentee notes into SEQTA and as you can imagine this is quite a time consuming job.  Every now and then entered notes don't seem to save correctly.  If you receive an absentee note for an absence that you have already submitted a note for, please let me know.  

Pencil Grip. When writing with your child please take the time to check their pencil grip and if necessary rearrange their little fingers.  Lots of reminders are required before some children adopt an acceptable pencil grip. 

Journal Writing.  Well done to those amazing parents who are patiently sitting with their beginning writers for their one session a week at Gathering Time.  Please encourage your child to say the word they want to write, identify the key sounds and write it as they hear it.  Please don't tell them how to spell the word.  Our goal is to foster a 'have-a-go' attitude where the children are not so afraid of being wrong that they wont attempt to write independently. It is a very important part of their writing development to experiment with sounds and symbols. 
In time and when appropriate the rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing structure will be introduced.  

Reading Eggs.  A letter and log in card were sent home yesterday.  Your child has completed a placement test at school.  Please take some time to help your child become independent when logging in.
We would suggest that  parents  place a firm time limit on Reading Eggs sessions.  20 minutes would be tops by my thinking! Then some outside time in the beautiful fresh air!

Head Lice.  There has been a case of head lice reported this week.  Please take the time to check your child's hair.  The best way to 'fight' head lice is to adopt a regular checking routine.  If you find them then make sure you treat your child before bringing them to school.  Follow up treatments as per the treatment product's directions are very important as live eggs keep hatching for some time.  

Thank you for taking the time to read these reminders!

Julie Birch and Gemma Sorgiovanni