Saturday, 20 May 2017

Week 3 and 4 Round Up!

Oh my gosh what a busy couple of weeks we have had!  It has been go.. go... go!  For the students and the teachers!
There has been so much amazing learning happening in PPB that I don't know where to begin!

We have been learning about our feelings by using our beautiful Kimochis Dolls.  
First we met the gorgeous 'Lovey Dove' and her adopted baby 'Turtle Dove".  
Lovey Dove has been teaching us about the emotions of kind and proud. Importantly she showed us how to give Friendship Signals to our class mates. 
We can say 'hello' or 'hi' to classmates when we meet them in the class room or the playground.  We can smile, give a high five, nod or even wave to show them that they are important to us. 

Last week we met Cloud.  He is a bit moody and unpredictable, just like the weather!  When cloud is happy he spreads sunshine, but when you turn his head, his sad face signals that he might 'rain on your parade'
He teaches us to be responsible and use self-soothing strategies to comfort and regulate upset feelings. Mums and Dads might like to look at the video below of a class of similar aged students learning about the Calm Down Breath.  We did this last week.  
The Calm Down Breath

Lovey Dove has been going home to people's homes.  She loves to visit. Please use the little booklet inside her bag to find out more about Lovey Dove.  Please look after her very well, keep her clean and handle her gently. Cloud is going to begin home visits very soon too.  

Our friends in PPL have a performance assembly later this term and they will be telling parents more about the Kimochis so come along and watch.  


Our challenge this term is to learn about and confidently use the numbers between 10 and 20.  
Each week we focus on a new number.  We use MABs, ten frames, tallys, words and number symbols to represent this number. 
We have been making and exploring number lines and the order of numbers between 10 and 20.  One of our favourite challenges is to build a construction using only the given amount of lego pieces.  This can be tricky!  We have to recount to check that we have used exactly the right amount. Below Lily-Eve is 'checking her work' which is a very important part of mathematics. 
 In this activity the children were showing me what they already know about number lines.  It was fun and now I know lots about what each person needs to learn next! 

In English we are doing some real READING and WRITING!
We have been celebrating how clever we are every day.  We have been using onset and rime and word families to blend, read and write words. 
We have been doing a lot of work on retelling fairy tales.  What comes first in a story, next and then how does it finish.  We have discussed and identified the common traits and language in most fairy tales. What problems arise and how they are solved.  It is all very interesting and provides for some great classroom conversations.  I hope you are all reading fairy tales at bed time each night.  
Just a head's up that we will have a "Fairy Tale" dress up day in the last week of term so you can start thinking about costumes now.  They can be one of their favourite characters from a fairy tale book.  

In Science we are learning about Day and Night and how things change. In Geography we are talking about our world.  Beginning with our bedroom, then our house, followed by our community and then our Country.

As part of our Visual Arts we had a look at Van Gough's Starry Night painting and had a go ourselves! It was fun!   

I hope all the mum's liked their beautiful artwork Mother's Day gifts.  Your children spent a lot of time and put a lot of love into each and every piece. Whilst completing this art work the children talked about their mum's and how special they are....  A shame I couldn't record it because you are all very loved. 

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon,
Julie Birch