Monday, 31 July 2017

Week Three - Reminders

Today your child went home with a photocopied reader in their reading bag (or in their school bag if they don't have a reading bag yet).
This book is a CVC decodable book.  Your child will need to 'unzip' and then 'zip up' the words. Please remember to praise all their efforts as they begin this early reading.  
If they are not recognising any letters then get those good old cards out and do some extra revision at home.  
Real readers are coming soon....  
Sight Words
Please keep your child's zip lock bag with Sight Words in it inside their reading folder.  We need to be able to access it quickly to test and add new words. Testing will happen fortnightly on average.  Don't forget to keep reviewing the old words when you get new ones.  
Reading Folders.
Please guide your child to place their reading folder in the plastic box on the parent information table every morning.  It is preferable that they do this themselves. 
This term we will be looking at the 'Olden Days'.  If you have any items that are 'vintage' and would be interesting for the children to view and talk about then bring them in and we will display them. 
Things of interest may include ....  cassette players, VHS videos, old style clothing, old style toys, telephones, clocks, photographs, cameras .... and things we don't see much anymore .... handkerchiefs, hair rollers, etc.  
At the end of term we will have an 'Olden Days' dress up and activity day so you may like to start thinking about clothing for that day.   
Please check to see that your child is wearing their own rugby top.  There are a couple missing across the PP cohort and this may mean that someone is not wearing their own.  
Water bottles
A reminder that the children still need to bring their water bottles every day even though it is cold and wet. 
Absentee Notes
Please complete an absentee note on the day your child returns.  An email or phone call is not sufficient for our formal records.  Chasing absentee notes is time consuming for all staff involved and we would much rather be planning inspiring learning investigations for your children.