Friday, 22 September 2017

Olden Days Activity Day

Oh what fun we had on Wednesday at our Olden Days Activity Day.  
Thank you so much to all the parents for going to so much trouble to dress their children appropriately.  They all looked amazing. 
 A very special thank you to the parents who came along and helped out with the activities.  Michael Hutton made making butter loads of fun,  Amelia Hart is now a Damper expert, Loren Kirby (who looked just beautiful in her costume) patiently led our little people to make wooden spoon puppets and Grandma Chris calmly assisted in a sewing project. We can't do these days without the amazing parents and grandparents who help.  
The children also participated in an olden days story circle, completed finger knitting, played marbles, dominoes, cards, rolled hoops and played hopscotch.
Their work groups were mixed with members of PPL.  It was so much fun and all the children learnt much through their hands on experiences.