Monday, 11 September 2017

Yay! Our Blog is back in action!

Harvey's Farewell.
Sadly, Friday is Harvey's last day at OLC.  He and his lovely family are moving to Perth. We are going to miss Harvey a lot and would like to farewell him on Friday with a shared morning tea.
If every child from PPB could bring a small plate of food we will invite our friends from PPL to join us under our favourite tree to share some special time together.

Shoe Box Appeal.
Last Call!  There are still a number of families who have not made their contributions. Please do so ASAP so that the children can get busy and compile their boxes. It is such a very project and we know your child will benefit greatly from being a part of it.

I will add some photos from the Outdoor Classroom Day tomorrow when I can access the central files at school.