Saturday, 2 December 2017

Yes.... more reminders.

1.  Please check that you have returned all of your child's home readers and PLD packs.
2.  There are presently 8 outstanding absentee notes.  Please have these done for me on Monday as I am in danger of not going on holidays if they are not returned.... well maybe ;) .
3.  The Preprimary Fun Day in on Thursday (not Friday as stated on the Face Book page).  Your child will need their normal packed recess and lunch.  Please put their bathers/boardies under their uniform and pack some dry undies.  I ask all parents to block their children out from top to toe before school begins.  We will continue to be sun smart for the rest of the day.
4.  The Preprimary children will be going to the Kindy playground for an hour on Monday with Mrs Martin and a team of EAs, while the present Kindy students have their Preprimary orientation.
5. Please send in a fabric type shopping bag with your child's name clearly printed on it in black artline texta on Monday.  We will fill this with their goodies and send it home on Wednesday or Thursday. 
6.  I need about 6 parents on Thursday morning to wash chairs, wipe down shelves etc.  Please let me know if you can help.

There is information on the Award Night in previous blogs.  Please scroll back and read if you have missed this.