Sunday, 25 February 2018

Week 5 brings a big Thank you!

We would like to thank the parents from PPB and other rooms who turned up for the Busy Bee on Saturday.  Our small but determined team managed to make a big difference in our Preprimary playground and the Kindy vegetable garden.  Two dads from our room that turned up are new to our school and we appreciate their enthusiasm. We couldn't have achieved what we did without those super dads and mums!
Thank you to Sarah Perna and Monica Armstrong for bringing in logs and to Sandy McMaster and Sarah Davies for the plant donations.  The children will help us to plant them this week. 
On Wednesday we have  a representative coming from Bunnings to teach us how to set up a garden bed and plant herbs.  It will be exciting to have a guest speaker.  
On Thursday we will set up our other garden bed.  If any parents have a bit of spare time on Thursday morning and could help us do this we would appreciate it and then once the soil has settled the children will plant vegetables.
Starry, Barrie Birch (ex OLC dad and henpecked hubby of teacher) and Steve McGuire (ex Parent and Board Chairman) along with a team of willing helpers created a wonderful wooden balance walkway.  This is perfect timing as the children have been learning about balance in their Fundamental Movement Skills sessions.  

Sadly I didn't manage to get photos of all the people who helped on the day but here a few snaps that I can share. 

Miss Prowse at work.


Our very sincere thanks to all who helped. 

Julie Birch  and the PPB Teaching Team