Thursday, 15 March 2018

Playful Learning

Play is a very important part of Early Childhood learning.  There are many famous theorists who have studied children at play and noted the huge range of learning that occurs whilst they play.  
Play can take many forms and there is a time and place for both structured and unstructured play in a child's day.  When teaching literacy and numeracy we adopt the practice of 'Playful Learning" in order for the children to practice and learn new concepts. We use 'Play Investigations' when we want the children to explore, challenge and consolidate their learning. 
Learning should be engaging for the students and a teachers planning intentional in order to achieve the  learning outcomes we wish to achieve. 
 When we learnt the letter 'g' we listened to the sound of g in isolation, checked how our mouth and tongue help to make the sound and listened to words  that began with g.  We often use songs at this time as music is always very engaging. 
In order to learn  the correct formation for a g the children stand at an easel and paint a g.  This helps them to form a correct and stronger pencil grip.  When they finish painting they work on some fine motor activities in order to strengthen  muscles in their hands and wrists. 
To help us remember our new sound we make something interesting.  When we did g the children made a box guitar.  This was great fun!  Every child was thrilled with their guitar and we found we have a few budding Angus Young s in the class. They learnt a few science concepts too!
For  a special treat Mr T came and told us all about guitars. Did you know a guitar has a body, a neck and a head?   Mr T sang us a song.  He can play the guitar really well! 
 In Religious Education we have been exploring our senses.  We used our sense of touch to find different textures. To have a look at these textures in a different way we printed objects that we found outside.  It was great fun and required a lot of concentration.  The rough and course objects made the best prints. 
 Maths can be lots of fun.  Mrs Nottle has been working to make our maths sessions extra interesting.  
We are getting really good at writing our numbers, ordering numbers and counting with 1 - 1 correspondence.
Oh Wow!  How amazing is our outdoor area looking.  Our garden beds are looking very healthy.  The carrot seeds have come up and the corn is growing really fast. 
The children have helped to plant the bushes that will hopefully grow and make our 'Secret Garden". 

Every day when the teachers are working and playing with the children they see smiles on faces, children skipping to their activities and hear lots of laughter. This is just what we are working to achieve!