Saturday, 10 March 2018

Week 7 Already!

A big thank you to Mrs Sorgiovanni for making herself available to teach over the last two weeks while I have been completing the On entry testing.  This has meant that the children have dealt with the change of usual timetable with ease.  We will give parents a summary of the Onentry testing during our parent teacher interviews at the end of term. 
There has been some wonderful learning happening in PPB.  The children are working hard with their letters and numbers and making great progress with their recall.  
Please remember to practice the letters using the small cards we gave out at Parent Night.  Remember we want the children to say the sound of the letter when they look at the symbol.  
It is always a good idea to provide your child with a place they can draw and write.  Lots of scrap paper, pencils and textas. Chunky textas are particularly good for those children that are working on their pencil grip.  Small note books and scrapbooks are great too.  
Put the letter formation chart we gave you at parent night near their writing table and talk to them about using the correct formations. Encourage them to have a go at writing lists, labels and maybe even a letter to someone.  Praise all their efforts. Encourage them to have a go at writing and write down the sounds that they hear.  Please don't tell them they are wrong and have them rewrite things.  If your child spells little as 'litl'   then they are hearing all the sounds in a word... and that is what we want. Celebrate this amazing early writing with them. 
Mrs Sorgiovanni has been covering 2D shapes while she has been teaching and the children love this work.  Have a look at their favourite work displayed on the classroom wall. 

Our Keeping Safe programme is progressing well.  The children have discussed their safe network and what they would do if they were lost. 
In our first session they made a 'Wall of Trust'.  I will send this home with the children this week and I would like you to go through this and discuss with them their choices.  Many children chose their baby brothers and sisters to put on the wall of trust and we tried to direct them to make choices about trusted adults. It is important that you approve of the choices they have made. 

Our play ground is looking wonderful.  Our plants are growing in the vege patch and the mulch has been laid. 
We could do with a helper to dig some holes for our plants.  If there is a parent with time to spare in the next few days then please let us know at gathering time.  
We are also a bit short on for soil in our garden beds and as our funding has run out we are asking for donations of soil.  If you can drop a bag of soil off near the garden beds we would be very appreciative. 
By the way... when using potting mix we don't allow the children to plant in soil out of newly opened bags.  We give the soil time to be exposed to sunlight so as to minimize the risk of bacteria being present.  The children wear gloves and the soil is sprayed with water so that there is no dust to inhale. 

Thank you to  parents and grandparents for supporting our classroom roster so well.  We have had parent help every day so far and we really value this. 
If you have not yet completed and handed back your parent survey then please do so ASAP. This information is very valuable to us all. 
Thank you
Julie Birch