Sunday, 13 May 2018

Week 3.

We hope our mums had a wonderful Mother's Day and that you enjoyed the very special potted succulents that your children made for you. It has been delightful to watch the children prepare this gift.  They have taken such care and pride in their work.  You are lucky mums! 
The succulents the children have planted are cuttings and will take a little time to form a root system so try not to move them too much.  They have been planted in a succulent potting mix and do not require too much water.  In fact the succulents will rot if they are kept too wet.  1/2 a cup of water each week should be more than enough. 

Casuals for Catholics this Friday- Every year Bishop Holohan asks schools in the Bunbury Diocese to hold a ‘Casuals for Catholic Care Day’ for a gold coin donation (larger donations can be made in the front office). This will take place this Friday, May 18th, and students are encouraged to wear free dress for a donation. Please put your gold coin in the container on the Parent Information table on Friday.

Photograph of  your home.
Thank you to the parents who have already emailed a copy of a photograph of your family home. If you have not yet done this then please do so by Wednesday this week. The photo needs to be of the street view of your home.  This will be used as part of your child's HASS programme.  

A huge thank you to the mums who have put their names on the roster for PMP on Thursday afternoons.  It is such a great programme for the children and we really want to make it happen.  The children loved it on Thursday and were excited that their mums were there too.  
We can have more than three from PPB each week as PPL are battling to fill their roster so if you would like to join in on Thursday afternoons let me know. 

Have a lovely week,

Julie and Gemma