Saturday, 19 May 2018

Week Four

How blessed have we been to have this truly beautiful weather!  I hope you have all been able to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.  Being a farmer's daughter I am very mindful of the need for rain however I will be soaking up every available ray of sunshine in the meantime.


A note went home on Friday about the Australian Early Development Census.  I will be completing this census on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Mrs Sorgiovanni will be teaching whilst I do this. The census does not involve the children directly and the information put into the census comes directly from our school records.  If you would prefer for your child's information to be excluded from the census then please contact Fran Marrell in the office on Monday morning in order to opt out. 

Reading Books

 A small group of children who are displaying readiness will receive home readers this week.  The books will be placed into their reading folders and swapped twice a week. Please take very good care of the readers and make sure they are placed back into your child's bag (in the folder) each day.
Please remember it is not a competition to see who has readers and who doesn't. Each child develops readiness at their own pace.  In recognising this we acknowledge the importance of differentiated learning and developmentally appropriate practice.  If a child is pushed into home reading too soon it can actually do more damage than good.  In saying this if your child receives a home reader but is not cooperative or keen to read at home please let us know ASAP.
All children should be on readers by the end of term three. If your child is not showing readiness, rest assured, we will contact you to discuss the matter well before then.

Living Things.

 In science this term we are looking at living things.  Beginning with an in depth look at plants.
Fynn brought in some Algae for us observe and it starting to grow!  Ben and his pop sprouted some bean seeds and they have been very interesting to observe.
Last week in science we dissected some fruit and found the seeds. We bound seeds in a pear, an apple, a lemon, an orange and a mandarin.   We have looked at other ways that plants grow and have set up some carrot tops and a celery base to see if they will grow.
If you happen upon any interesting plant growth feel free to bring them in.  We will be looking at mushrooms and fungi however we are very mindful of the fact that there are many poisonous varieties of fungus in our environment.


Thank you for sending in photos of your homes.  The children will be looking at these this week and discussing what their homes are made out of and with assistance writing a description of their house.

Rugby Tops and Water Bottles. 

Please don't forget to pack your child's rugby top.  Although the sun s shining it gets a bit chilly in the shade when we are eating our morning tea and lunch.  All rugby tops should be clearly labelled with your child's name.  Please do a double check each day to make sure that your child is wearing their own rugby top ... and not their classmates!
Even though the days are cooling down we still remind the children to drink water regularly.  They can use the water bubbler if need be but it is preferable that every child has their water bottle every day.

Have a lovely week.

See you tomorrow,

Julie Birch