Saturday, 9 June 2018

Design and Technology. The Great Crow Problem!

For a while now we have been observing our somewhat too friendly crows who cleverly know that there will be a feast of crumbs available to them after every morning tea and lunch.
Some of these crows know also, that if a careless child leaves their bag unzipped, they can access lunch boxes for themselves! This results in hungry children (not really) and possible messes on the veranda.
Last week we got together with PPL and had a massive brainstorming session about how we could solve this problem. 
There were some very creative possible solutions suggested by the children.  We wrote down all the possibilities and then debated as to whether they would be both achievable and kind to the crows.
We came to the conclusion that if we built bird feeders and put them away from our eating areas and bags that the crows wouldn't need to come into our area.
So..... tomorrow we are building bird feeders from the designs that we created on Thursday.
Please send in items that we can build with.  Plastic milk bottles were a favourite choice to use as bird feeders as they are waterproof and (with a little help from teachers) can be cut and changed to make a bird feeder.  Disposable water bottles, egg cartons and ice cream containers would also be handy.  Please scour your pantry tonight and see what you can send in tomorrow. 
Thanks for your help in solving THE GREAT CROW PROBLEM!