Monday, 4 June 2018

Week 6

We hope you have all enjoyed your long weekend and managed to escape the horrible weather on Monday  night and Tuesday.  Storms always generate some great recount sharing so if you have had storm dramas and your child would like to share about their experience then they are welcome to during the week.

Week six sees the completion of assessment tasks that have been used to finalise marks for the end of semester reports that your child will receive on the last day of Term 2. Assigning 4 and 5 year old children marks is formidable task.  They are growing and changing all the time.  While some children take off in a hurry others are more tentative and need time to consolidate their new learning before they head into next level learning.  The Pre primary marking system asks us to mark towards an end of year goal.  Therefore many children will receive a 'Working Towards" grade.  This is totally normal and rest assured if we have concerns about your child's development then we will see you.

Our latest Technology project will require some recyclable materials from home. If you can send a bag of goodies in it would be much appreciated. These items will be placed in a big box for the children to share.
Items to include.

  • Clean plastic milk bottles. 
  • clean cardboard milk cartons. 
  • string
  • fine wire
  • fabric
  • mesh onion bags
  • balsa wood  or small pieces of pine (untreated).
  • wool  (knitting)
  • sticks  (vine pruning s, rosemary pruning s - long and flexible,)
  • Weave able grasses. 
  • empty water bottles. 
Prayer Assembly
The two Pre primary classes will combine to present a prayer assembly next Friday the 15th of June.  Parents are always welcome to attend. 

Rugby Tops
Please check that your child is wearing their own rugby top.  Two have gone missing with out a trace and this usually means that a child has unknowingly decided to wear their friend's home!  If your child's rugby top does not have a name on it then please put one on it before tomorrow. 

Long Service Leave
I will be taking two weeks of my Long Service Leave during the last two weeks of this term. Gemma Sorgiovanni will be teaching full time while I am away.  We are so lucky that Gemma is always happy to be there for our gorgeous kids.  

Have a lovely week,
Julie Birch