Sunday, 15 July 2018

A Message from Mrs Nottle

I am so excited to be back in PPB classroom this term, especially being able to learn and practice teaching with the very experienced and lovely Mrs Birch as my mentor. Thank you for allowing me to gain this valued experience in your child's classroom I appreciate it very much. I am so lucky to be with 22 clever, enthusiastic and happy students each day!

This term we want to extend the students numeral recognition, counting and ordering. To do this I wanted students to bring in 100 of something to share.
Some examples might include; writing 1 – 100 on a chart, counting 100 popsticks in a snaplock bag, stamping paper 100 times, drawing 100 of something, the students are welcome to use their imagination and creativity with this. There is no set DUE date for this request nor is it complusary. I will explain it further to the students in class, and they are welcome to choose when in the next few weeks the would like to share 100 of something. The learning intention is to have a look at what 100 looks like using many different mediums, practice counting, number recognition and ordering together as a whole class.

Throughout H.A.S.S. this term children will be investigating special occasions celebrated by families, and looking at how each family celebrates differently to another dependent on their culture. To introduce this topic we will look at the children's own birth dates closely. 
On Tuesday I will send home a sheet for you and your child to fill in that will require the following information.
1. Birth date. 
2. Place of birth. 
3. Birth weight.
4. Birth Length. 

Thank you.  
Mrs Jo Nottle.