Sunday, 22 July 2018

Week 2 Term 2.

I hope your children have enjoyed their first week back at school? I have really enjoyed being a part of their learning this week, and have noticed such huge growth and development in all learning areas from each and every student since I first met the PPB class in Term one! You should be very proud of their excitement and enthusiasm to learn new skills. On Friday we commenced the first steps in report writing. After reading the big book, Baboon’s Nest, the students were very creative in their descriptions of a Baboon, and used some impressive comparative language to describe the size and height of a Baboon including; “A baboon would be taller than you Mrs Nottle!” and “A baboon might not be taller than my Dad”. This type of language is important in not just literacy, but also in the development of mathematical concepts.

The students have really enjoyed sharing our ‘100’ objects bought in from home, so far we have had gum nuts, beads, leaves, and pompoms. Thank you for assisting your child with this fun numeracy activity. This activity has really helped the students understand that the quantity of an object can be the same even though it looks different in shape, size, weight and colour. Our present number focus is to master number recognition, formation and counting 1-20, however in extending to 100 they will start to observe number patterns and gain confidence in number names.

We have also had a number of students bring in artifacts and interesting objects from the past to add to our classroom museum. The students have been very inquisitive in learning about the olden days.   There has been lots of wonderment and some great questions about how things worked without electricity! If you have anything of interest your child would like to share please send it in.
These objects make for great learning in connection with our Humanities topic of how history and stories can be communicated and passed down through generations.  If you have time in the morning take a walk through our dramatic / role play ‘Pioneer Village’ consisting of a blacksmith area, old school, and campfire / tent.   These Learning Centres provide a setting for the children to investigate and apply their learning through play in line with the Early Years Learning Framework. The benefits of play are great.  Play gives opportunity to develop oral language skills, investigate, imagine, listen, cooperate, and share.  All the skills we need for adult life.

Mrs Nottle. 

Head Lice

Third term is a particularly high risk time for head lice. We have had a reported case of head lice in the class in Week One. 
The best way to control head lice is to be vigilant in checking your children's hair. 
Have a quick look every day.  Nits or eggs can be seen in particular behind the ears and at the base of  the hair line on the neck. 
It is necessary to treat the head lice before returning your child to school. Please follow treatment instructions carefully and ensure that follow up treatments are done. 
The P&F are selling electronic Lice Combs.  These are great to run through your child's hair after school each day. 
Head lice love all hair types.  They do not differentiate.  Most children will get lice at some stage of their schooling.  All parents must check their children's hair.
If your child contracts head lice please let us know.  (Don't be embarrassed... my children have had them too!). 

Image result for head lice eggsImage result for head lice eggs

Thanks to Mrs Nottle for the round up of week one.  She is working really hard to provide wonderful learning experiences for your children.  

I hope this terrible wind hasn't done any damage to your homes!
See you tomorrow.
Mrs Birch