Sunday, 5 August 2018

Week 4.

Mission Markets HELP PLEASE!
Our annual OLC Mission Markets will be held on  Wednesday 15th August. 
PPB and PPL will be organising the cake stall.  We ask that all parents bake single serve items to sell at the cake stall.  Cup cakes, chocolate crackles, honey joys, pieces of slice and fruit sticks are always popular. Please remember that we are a NUT FRIENDLY school.  
All baking will need to be delivered to the Wet Area by 9am on the morning of the 15th. 
Will will require two parents to assist with set up and sales between 11am and 12 noon.  Please let us know if you can help. 

Our rosters have quite a few gaps.  If you are able to help then please do so. 

Thank you! Thank you! ... for the lovely birthday gift I received last Thursday. It was a great surprise and made me feel very loved!  The cupcakes were extremely yummy and much appreciated!  The children loved them too! I am a very lucky teacher. XX 

Have a great week.
Julie Birch 

From Mrs Nottle.

Welcome to Week 4 – this Term is going to zoom by quickly, and the children have been working  hard already to produce  amazing work across all learning areas. We have particularly been impressed by the effort and concentration during numeracy, literacy and the talent shown in visual arts.


We have been really wanting children to cement their  1- 20 ordering, counting and correct number formation. This is practiced with a lot of hands on activities which involve counting on from any number, counting backwards and recognising  numbers presented visually in several different ways. Last week we investigated to find out about the  classes Favourite Australian Animals. We surveyed the class and produced a class tally to organise our data.   This revealed that the Koala was the most popular Australian Animal.   We also practiced using talleys when counting some of the collections of objects in our classroom like  jellybeans, sparkles and pompoms. The children were extremely engaged in these activities and had a lot of fun!


We have begun the introduction of the digraphs sh, ch and th.  Sharing a Shell is a favourite shared story, and we have an area at the back of the classroom which explores this text, including a rock pool, words associated with the text and artwork made by the children. This area is for students to use in gathering time to concrete their recognition of the ‘sh’ sound. See if your child can use ‘sh’ in a word with you.

After writing amazing reports on Koalas we were very lucky to have the Year 5 and 6 students come and visit and assist the children in creating a poster of facts about the Koala using picollage. We have printed these, and will display them to show this amazing student learning. The children  were all so very proud of their creations. The Year 6 students will visit our classroom each Friday to assist with using an iPad to create a document of facts.   This  activity will be used to consolidate the week's learning each Friday and is a great way to integrate our literacy skills and technology learning.

During our integrated afternoons some of the students have been learning about our olden days, and learning to define  the past, present and future. We have had old pennys, and a 1 dollar note bought in to show.  A record player, an old ink pot and a tape measure .  These interesting items are promoting a strong interest in  the ‘olden days’.  Thank you so much to the parents who have sent them in. 
We are going to make sock puppets, and would love if you can please bring one white sock into the class for the students in the next week.

Please have a look at our roster to see if you can assist in our classroom one morning. Your help is certainly appreciated and the students love it!

Kind regards,  Mrs Nottle